Help NHS Foundation Trust focus on front line services

We’re proud of the SCC team that has continued to support a northeast NHS Foundation Trust throughout the coronavirus crisis – enabling the continuation of operations for cancer patients. The Trust had an urgent requirement to immediately mobilise 600 priority NHS staff to work at home, with a total user base of 12,000 users. In order to support they were looking for implementation of a Fortinet firewall solution, to support their existing Cisco environment. SCC delivered within five days and is now looking to provide further firewalls for another site along with additional tokens, management devices and engineering support, as we continue to support the NHS focus on delivering front line services at this difficult and challenging time. The customer’s Head of IT Infrastructure said: “Your help is directly enabling us to avoid cancelling operations for cancer patients, so I can’t adequately put into words how great your help has been.” Congratulations to account lead Julie Austin and the whole team!
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