Enabling remote clinical services for the NHS in the north east

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare organisations across the UK have been placed under huge pressure to cope with increased demand whilst continuing to deliver non-coronavirus healthcare services. SCC has partnered with HP to enable the delivery of remote clinical services for an Integrated Care System (ICS) in the north east, with the provision of urgent ‘NHS Priority’ mobile devices across the region. SCC Healthcare Specialist Darius Virabi has worked closely with HP NHS Account Manager Joe Sanderson in the region for the past 18 months and was able to prioritise NHS device availability and deliver on a commitment of 1,350 devices in under two-weeks as the COVID-19 situation worsened. This delivery was quite literally a military operation, with the UK military in charge of logistics at a new regional hub for the north east of England, for trusts to use as a single point of entry and receipt. In partnership with Tech Data and Westcoast, SCC ensured the customer was regularly updated with detailed inventory and shipping information. As a result, NHS staff in the region have benefitted from an improved capability to work from home and other remote locations, as well as setting up remote clinics and virtual appointments to keep the hospitals functioning.
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