SCC helps encourage young people into tech careers

Young people from across the West Midlands gathered at Innovation Birmingham to discover the world of digital on November 26th. Partners ServiceNow and SCC supported the Can Do Digital event, run by TIN Smart Social, which aims to help disadvantaged people aged between 15-24 into digital careers. Young people discovered the world of digital, ServiceNow, and partner organisations with the view to begin to develop an understanding of what a career in digital can look like. It aimed to broaden the mindset of the young people and install the belief that they can have a career in digital and have high aspirations. SCC spoke briefly about its organisation and how it works with ServiceNow. SCC also had a specific area to engage in conversation and build the confidence of the young people, explaining more about SCC and the work it does. Every day, technology teams across the world work with ServiceNow to develop, create, launch and manage the applications and digital workflows that are powering the world of work. The appetite for the ServiceNow technology has never been bigger, and their partners, such as SCC, aim to address the growing demand for new talent within their global ecosystem. Natalie Sherratt, SCC’s Head of Applications said, “SCC is proud to be working with ServiceNow and TinSmart on this government investment to develop the next generation of IT literacy in Birmingham and the West Midlands. “SCC’s ServiceNow practice grows year-on-year in size and SCC are keen to bring the next generation of skills into their practice / organisation.” Natalie added, “SCC is keen to work closely with TinSmart on developing the right programmes and skills for the youth development programme. Their proximity to SCC’s Birmingham campus offers a real opportunity to work directly with the teams to bring real world examples and activity into the skills development programme.”
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