SCC and Barco ClickShare: Preparing businesses for the new normal

As UK businesses prepare to navigate the post-COVID-19 world, we all must adapt to a ‘new normal’, with significant changes to the way we live, work, and meet.

Now more than ever, the ability for people to collaborate seamlessly and for businesses to deliver best-in-class user experience (UX) is critical. Collaboration brings innovative ideas together and technology can help enable this by making it easier to share thoughts and work together irrespective of where they are. SCC puts UX at the centre of everything we deliver. We recognise that employees have high expectations, most having access to devices at home that are well beyond typical corporate device specification. In the past, meeting rooms were generally comprised of many people physically in the space with one or two joining remotely. However, with the on-going pandemic recovery and new safety guidelines in place, that’s likely to change, with struct rules implemented to reduce touch points and physical contact. ClickShare provides greater flexibility in the workplace and makes every room suitable for presentations without the hassle of cables, adapters, helping to reduce touch points and make the most of all office space. Since COVID-19, the driver package for ClickShare has been added by Microsoft, with the ClickShare Button now recognised in a windows environment, enabling connection to the base unit automatically. Another key consideration throughout the pandemic has been IT security, with increased remote working and greater utilisation of collaboration tools. Barco ClickShare is the first wireless collaboration technology to obtain ISO 27001 Certification for the highest international security standards, ensuring that is no longer a problem.


Barco offers two ranges of solutions to match your needs and existing set-up:

ClickShare wireless presentation system

For wireless presentation systems that offer a seamless, user-friendly and hassle-free experience, look no further than the Barco ClickShare range. With ClickShare, you can share presentations in an easy and straightforward way, without having to fiddle around with wires, cables, and adapters.

ClickShare wireless conferencing system

For closer collaboration and an immersive conferencing experience, ClickShare wireless conference systems have just what your business needs. Connectivity is at the heart of modern business, and with wireless conferencing technology from ClickShare you can link up with colleagues in a matter of seconds.

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Barco ClickShare – The highlights

  • No wires – ClickShare’s universal USB-powered Button and ClickShare App for laptops, iOS and Android avoid the unsightly jumble of cables often seen in meeting rooms. The Button requires no special adaptor or port – so there’s no need to carry additional wires
  • Simplicity – ClickShare couldn’t be simpler. Everything works with a single click. Connecting ClickShare does not alter your screen size or resolution, so what you see on your laptop screen is replicated on the big meeting room screen
  • Stress-free – Technology is on your side with ClickShare. With ClickShare in a meeting room, you can feel confident that their important presentation will transfer to the big screen at a single click
  • Cross devices – Combining Button and App will give you an enriched content sharing in their meetings. Choose either the USB-powered ClickShare Button (for both USB-A or USB-C) or the ClickShare App to expand the meeting effectiveness
  • Intuitive – One click of the ClickShare Button or App gives you the quickest and most efficient way to access a meeting room big screen
  • Triple agnostic – With ClickShare Conference, you have the freedom to choose and you decide how you collaborate securely. ClickShare Conference integrates your laptop, your conferencing platform (UC) and your brand of AV USB-peripheral.


Barco’s Free Virtual Demo Session

Deep dive into the possiblities for wireless collaboration & conferencing with ClickShare Conference

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