SCC are pleased to announce that we have been given a place on the London Procurement Partnership (LPP) NHS framework. This framework is a key win for our team who have worked diligently to create a proposal that is effective and enticing to the LPP. The LPP is concerned with driving improved procurement and commercial efficiencies across the health sector within London to deliver the highest quality patient and social care by:

  • Obtaining improved quality of goods and services through the provision of world class procurement, commercial services and leverage to enable cash releasing savings that will be reinvested, to enhance the quality of patient care, their safety and also to reduce process inefficiencies and waste.
  • Providing competent purchased healthcare project management support that meets the needs of framework participating Authorities.

This four year framework is for the supply of commodity IT goods and associated services, including Managed Services. SCC has been appointed to all of the Lots on this framework and can provide complete solutions including hardware and software for global OEMs and specialist Independent Software Vendors. Lots include:

  • Lot 2 Network Infrastructure/Sub-Lot 2.2 Local Connectivity
  • Lot 2 Network Infrastructure/Sub-Lot 2.5 Conferencing
  • Lot 2 Network Infrastructure/Sub-Lot 2.6 Network Infrastructure Management
  • Lot 3 Hardware/Sub-Lot 3.1 IT Hardware
  • Lot 3 Hardware/Sub-Lot 3.2 Hardware Asset Management
  • Lot 4 Software/Sub-Lot 4.1 General IT Software
  • Lot 4 Software/Sub-Lot 4.4 Project Management Software
  • Lot 4 Software/Sub-Lot 4.5 Informatics & Reporting
  • Lot 4 Software/Sub-Lot 4.7 Innovation/Basket 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Lot 4 Software/Sub-Lot 4.9 Software Asset Management
  • Lot 6 Hosting/Sub-Lot 6.2 Cloud as a Utility
  • Lot 7 Operational Services/Sub-Lot 7.1 Help Desk Services
  • Lot 7 Operational Services/Sub-Lot 7.2 Device Management Services
  • Lot 7 Operational Services/Sub-Lot 7.4 Server & Storage Infrastructure

This enables customers to significantly reduce the costs that are associated with managing multiple procurements across different specialist frameworks. Adam Clark, SCC National Sales Director said that “This framework is a great example of the sheer capacity at which SCC operates. We are proud to be working with the LPP to deliver high quality IT solutions to the NHS”.

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