Mental health matters at SCC

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve been encouraging colleagues to talk about mental health. Mandy Tregenna, who leads our Employee Relations Team, shares her thoughts… What mental health means to me… I am really passionate about mental health. I know people close to me who suffer, or have suffered, with mental health issues in so many ways. I suffer with anxiety most days, sometimes for no reason. I completely overthink situations and worry about the ‘what ifs’, but I try and manage how I feel as best as I can. I’m human. It’s what a lot of us do, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. One of the main reasons I love my job is because I get to speak to people from right across our business. I love it. And I want to help. Need to chat? Come to me. I will make time. At home, I’m a mum of two. I have a four-year-old (going on 14), and a stepson who is 8 – both football mad. My life is mostly football (UTV). My partner has a job which means he is out of the house early, and often back home late. We manage as best we can, but what matters the most is that the kids are happy – that we spend quality time together, that both of us as parents are happy. Life can be challenging, and everyone has their own personal circumstances, and we all try to balance work and life in the best way possible. But it can be a struggle at times. There’s now so much support available for everyone at SCC – we have our Health Cash Plan with BHSF, which has access to a 24-hour helpline. It’s available on balance, our employee benefits package. We’ve also got trained Mental Health First Aiders around the business, who are there if our colleagues ever need to chat. About anything. We are here to listen, and to talk, and to listen some more. Always. Mandy Tregenna
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