Outdated technology make workers feel less productive

A new study by Unisys Corporation, 56% of digital workers at “technology laggard” organisations expressed frustration with their employer, as compared to only 9% of workers at “technology leader” organisations. The study, which explores the importance of deploying current and future digital capabilities in the workplace, also found that workers at technology laggards (14%) were more likely to want to leave to go work elsewhere, as compared to their counterparts at technology leaders (2%). Other key finding include:

  • 35% of workers at technology laggard organisations complained that they are held back from being more productive by outdated devices, 94% more likely as those who work for “technology leader” organisations.
  • Nearly two out of five digital workers (39%) who bring their own devices to work say download apps and websites are not supported by their organisation’s IT group because they are “better than what my company provided” or “their company did not provide an alternative.

“The data shows a clear new paradigm in today’s UK digital workplace: more than one-third of those who work for technology laggards feel like outdated devices are limiting their productivity, with more than half frustrated and many with one eye on the door as a result,” said Mickey Davis, global vice president of Managed Workplace Services, Unisys. “Equipping devices with the right applications and productivity tools are critically important to access and engagement.”

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