Helping manufacturers make long-term commitments to business-critical software

SCC has helped save a leading UK glass manufacturer thousands of pounds on its software renewal, whilst protecting the business from annual price increases by securing a fixed cost over three years. Like most businesses, the manufacturer was looking to purchase a one-year software renewal. However, with the ability to leverage long-standing partnerships with the world’s biggest technology vendors, SCC was able to go direct to the software vendor to agree a discounted price over three years. In order to save the manufacturer, the large up-front cost of a three-year deal, SCC financed the deal on annualised terms, making each of the three years cheaper than the initial one-year renewal would have been, including interest. This ensures a fixed cost agreed up-front, which can be tailored to any customer’s requirements, including deferred payments or cheaper initial payments increasing over time to protect cashflow, or equal payments over the full-term, and also protects customers from annual price increases of up to 15%, making annual savings even more significant.
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