The devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic across the healthcare sector is clear, with frontline services struggling to cope with increased demand and non-coronavirus services battling to provide normal levels of care to patients. For UK hospitals, there is a long road ahead in the battle with COVID-19 – but when the UK is ready ease strict lockdown measures, we will see permanent changes to the way we receive healthcare and hospitals will need to implement new protective measures. SCC’s new Thermal Temperature Detection technology solution can help hospitals protect patients and demonstrate that necessary measures have been introduced to avoid another overwhelming spike in coronavirus cases. Multi-camera Thermal Temperature Detection solutions can be deployed in A&E and general admissions locations to automatically screen staff and visitors, identifying those showing signs of high temperature and sending real-time notifications to first responders via a smart phone application, enabling them to intercept people before they have the chance to socialise within the hospital. This will prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by reducing the opportunity for transmission and help to ease the burden on over-stretched healthcare organisations.
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