CBI Conference Series: Cyber Security Event

SCC is delighted to announce that we are a major sponsor and speaker at the CBI Cyber Security Conference on 12th September at Canary Wharf in London. The Conference brings together business leaders and UK industry experts on cyber security, with the agenda centred around 3 clear themes:

  1. Making the most of your investment in cyber security
  2. Best practice in dealing with the aftermath of a cyber attack
  3. How to make your people and their behaviours your strongest defence

Delegates can expect:

  • Expert-led sessions, including keynotes from National Cyber Security Centre and World Economic Forum representatives
  • Cutting-edge insight and practical takeaways which can be implemented into your business, from the latest threat landscape to embedding cyber technologies
  • High level networking with business leaders and sharing best practice

You’ll also find SCC exhibiting throughout the day, playing an active part in panel debates and hosting a break out session. One topic in particular that will be covered in depth is dealing with “the aftermath of a cyber attack: the good, the bad and the ugly.” With the majority of UK businesses targeted by cyber-attacks, an organisation’s response is just as important as its preparation. Talking to customers, dealing with uncertainty and handling legal responsibilities can make or break a company. The afternoon panel will be exploring what ‘good’ looks like following a breach and the debate will cover:

  • How to communicate effectively with customers and the public
  • Emerging tips on how to work with regulators
  • Learning from others’ mistakes: what shouldn’t you do?

Jorge Aguilera, SCC’s Head of Security & Networking, will be taking part in that panel and be on hand to share his experience and expertise. Jorge has been responsible for defining strategies in the security and software defined networking technology areas for several years. He is currently leading the SCC Pre-sales team and supporting the wider sales force in these areas and establishing relationships with key strategic vendors. One of his key remits is to collaborate with internal business units to define and articulate our ‘go to market’ strategy and achieve effectiveness in meeting our client’s requirements. SCC’s afternoon break out session will be focusing specifically on “Hyperconnectivity and the Hacker Economy.” We live in a world of accelerated virtual human connectivity and IoT hyperconnectivity; a world where a million new devices connect with each other every hour of every day. This presents opportunities for companies that acquire, analyse and monetise data. Likewise, hyperconnectivity is a colossal challenge for organisations, creating a huge attack surface for cyber criminals. The break out session will cover:

  • The implication of 5G, WiFi 6 and IoT in the changing cyber security landscape
  • Mitigating risks while taking advantage of the commercial benefits of hyperconnectivity
  • Planning your security and compliance best practice framework
  • Ensuring you’re one step ahead in the hacker economy.
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