In this unprecedented time of change where companies have rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies, your users must do everything they can do from their new working environment, in order for your organisation to remain stable, productive, and competitive. Which means, your employees will expect to have access to critical business systems and data in order to carry out their daily work activities. So what does this mean for your corporate infrastructure? It really boils down to, security. By granting your employees access also means the risk grows exponentially around your IT infrastructure. Today, an important discussion around cyber-security has never been so imperative, not just for now but for the future. Enabling you to have total control of your corporate infrastructure from start to finish, and have a handle on what technologies can protect them and your workforces from potential cyber-attacks. This 1st webinar in a series of two seeks to explain how you can address these issues with SCC Security Lifecycle and SCC Cisco Integrated Cyber Security Solutions.
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