Blog: Entrusting content services to the cloud elevates every department

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the role of IT has been elevated. From sitting on Covid-19 task forces, to counteracting a prolific increase in cyber-attacks, to supporting the en masse move to remote working, the critical work the department carries out, on a day-to-day basis, has never been more needed and never more visible.

Overlay this with the pressure to pick up the pace of true digital transformation and the challenge is formidable – to say the least.

Across the wider organisation, non-IT specialists have experienced the same scenario in other ways. While, by and large, the shift to home-working has been more successful than initially feared, it has also highlighted some frustrating hangovers from a pre-digital world.

An over-reliance on paperwork and manual workflows, while navigating increasingly complex compliance requirements and layers of management sign-offs, have all become much harder in the age of Coronavirus and hybrid working.

By leveraging the instant availability of content and resources via existing cloud-based infrastructures, organisations can both free up bottlenecks and lighten the IT burden.

Every team is feeling the pressure of becoming digitally nimble

From technical areas, such as finance and legal, through to softer resources including HR and marketing, teams everywhere are dealing with similar issues related to collaboration, project management, manual workflows and cost control.

This is part of the reason why the market for Content Services Platforms (CSPs) has grown and matured rapidly in recent years with demand skyrocketing since the onset of Covid-19. You can see why, given that these technologies are designed to help organisations of all sizes to digitalise more of their cross-department data, documents and workflows.

Introducing Uvu

At SCC Document Services, our newly launched UVu product is a modular CSP application that brings together several data and content management functions into a single unified platform; giving you the added benefit of a single ‘Unified View’ (UVu).

As a consumption-based cloud model, UVu presents a highly-affordable way for businesses to digitialise more of their documents and processes. And, because it integrates with, and complements, popular business SaaS products – such as Microsoft 365, Sharepoint and SAGE – UVu helps employees seamlessly share and collaborate on all manner of documents and workflows. Whether they’re working remotely, at home or from multiple sites.

Interoperability is the watchword here because, in the battle to fight the bottleneck with technology, many businesses have unwittingly created an unwieldy melting pot of business tools that don’t always ‘play nice’ together.

With sales and marketing teams buying CRM systems, finance teams buying accounting software and operational teams buying ERP, it’s easy to see how deep operational silos can occur. This causes end-user and IT problems in the process and understandable friction on both sides.

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Closing the gap

Ready-to-use cloud solutions can help ease the potential pitfalls for all concerned, giving the IT (and recipient) department a break from disruptive onboarding processes and any time-taking involvement in day-to-day operations. Due to the fact that these platforms have been built for the cloud as a standardised application and are deployed through a proven service model, they are not only easier to implement but also provide the highest levels of security and stability.

What’s more, CSPs like UVu help IT and wider organisational functions work together, towards shared goals. They close the gap between what’s long been considered SMB and enterprise-level tech.

While fully-featured cloud services were once the domain of big, blue-chip organisations, now the benefits are being realised for smaller enterprises. As businesses of all sizes move more infrastructure and services into the cloud, the rise of the CSP is another prime example of how entrusting these technologies enables you to work with more agility, while focusing specialist IT resources more effectively.

Discover how technology can help revolutionise your productivity

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