Blog: 5 benefits of Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services (MDS) are designed to help you create, store and distribute your business’ paper and electronic documents. As more and more businesses use managed document services, we’ve highlighted 5 key benefits they deliver.

1) Improve the mobility of your workforce

Today’s workforce requires a flexible working environment, and this is vital to ensure you can recruit and retain talented staff. With secure access to documents wherever they are, employees can create their perfect working environment at home, in the office or on the go. An agile or mobile workforce improves work-life balance, increases motivation, improves collaboration between your teams and increases overall performance.

2) Increase productivity

A recent study shows document challenges account for 21.3% of productivity loss, and over half of employee’s time is spent searching for information.1 By adopting a new document management strategy, you can give your workforce a greater degree of control. By managing documents in a more searchable and organised manner, your employees can focus on value-adding tasks.

3) Enhance document security

Most security breaches come from within an organisation, often from careless or dishonest employees.2  With a managed document service, you can control who accesses certain documents within your organisation, meaning you grant access rights only to the employees who need it. By digitising documents and storing them securely in the cloud, you also eliminate the chances of documents getting lost or stolen.

4) Save costs and time

A managed document service can help your business reduce costs.  A document services provider will analyse your entire business infrastructure, identifying ways in which you can reduce paper usage, speed up communications and improve the efficiency of your business processes.

5) Reduce your environmental impact

Reducing the carbon footprint of your business is becoming increasingly important. A managed document services can help you identify areas of waste in your printing and document processes to reduce your use of paper, and also unnecessary travel. 

Why choose us?

SCC Document Services provide a blend of paper, hybrid or fully digital document services to support your move from traditional paper-based environments to digital document workflows. We’re vendor-independent and have been designing best-in-class solutions since our foundation in 1992. If you are interested in learning more about the solutions we offer.

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