Work smarter, not harder

In business, employees need to be able to focus their time and attention on tasks that will create and deliver as much value as possible. Working smarter is far more beneficial than working harder. Delivered in partnership with SCC, the Samsung Galaxy Book Go helps your teams do exactly that.   Your people need a single device that lets them complete all their tasks in hand, simply and efficiently, so they can stay productive. These devices must be secure, durable, and easy to manage. The Samsung Galaxy Book Go offers a compact and durable design, long-lasting battery, and powerful performance, to help your teams do more with less.

Galaxy Book Go

Designed to keep its cool without a fan, Galaxy Book Go features a lightweight design and advanced energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon compute platform that delivers responsive, instant-on performance that draws less power, keeping the battery charged longer – and your employees in charge of their to-do list. Galaxy Book Go enables uninterrupted email, virtual meetings and streaming by staying connected and cord-free for up to 18 hours on a fully charged battery. It is shockproof and durably designed, with a convenient 180-degree hinge, and integrates life and tech seamlessly with the interconnected Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem. You can offer employees a better work/life balance through paired devices that easily jump from work life to personal life using Galaxy Book Go. It can be set up as a second screen for twice the productivity and also connects seamlessly to Galaxy Buds Pro, for expert video conferencing.

The benefits

Quick pairing, no hassle

Smoothly switch from video conferences to catching up with colleagues.

Look like a pro, even in your living room

Making working from home work, with tools such as the camera beauty filter to help people look and do their best.

Do more on the go

With fast and smooth Wi-Fi connectivity.

Galaxy Book Go for business

Buy in bulk for your business and get free shipping on volume orders, 0% Samsung Business Financing, and up to 35% off AppStack software.

Why SCC and Samsung?

We’re in never seen before times, both in our personal and professional lives. Now more than ever, the ability for people to work remotely with the best-in-class user experience is critical. SCC and Samsung are helping organisations across all sectors enable better frontline mobility. SCC ensures User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver. We recognise employees today have high expectations, most having access to consumer devices at home that are well beyond typical corporate device specification. Our User First approach will help customers evolve from a Device-centric to a User, Security, Data and Applications centric future Workplace Strategy. We ensure our customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed, enabling seamless collaboration and office mobility (any device, anywhere, anytime). Our real-time, data-driven insights and actions will proactively identify and eradicate potential issues at the root. We will help our customers to achieve exponential growth by aligning IT and Business Strategy.


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