Seamless Collaboration: the NEW EPOS EXPAND 40 Series


Hybrid working means employees can work from wherever they like. To maximise their collaboration efforts, they need devices that make successful communication feel effortless.

  Muffled voices, intense echoes and overall poor-quality audio have a significant impact on businesses worldwide. Not only does it create a poor listening experience, but it can lead to miscommunication and wasted time. EPOS’s EXPAND 40 Series makes it easier than ever for businesses to enhance their collaboration potential. The wireless, portable speakerphones present an opportunity to make calls from anywhere. Bluetooth or USB-C cable connection means they can be used in the office or at home with an easy setup. This allows businesses to explore the possibilities of our new norm and successfully implement hybrid working tools.

The future of conferencing

Boasting plug and play technology, the Expand 40 Series truly simplifies conferencing. Featuring EPOS Voice Technology, the devices create unmatched crystal clear audio on both ends of the call. This is further enhanced by three beamforming microphones which cleverly isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise. Users ultimately experience a clear, uninterrupted call allowing for effortless communication. This impressive series is ideal for personal use in a home office to experience crystal clear one-to-one conversations. But the devices also support small to medium conferencing for up to eight people. Thanks to the industry-leading duplex performance, simultaneous speech is possible. This allows for free-flowing, natural conversation without being cut off. The devices can even pick up voices at the end of a conference table, and still deliver perfect audio during the call.

Key features

18-hour battery life

Whether working in the office or at home, businesspersons need reliable devices that work with them, not against them. The EXPAND 40 Series supports up to 18-hours of talk time, meaning you can trust these devices to fulfil your business needs.

Easy call control

Featuring robust push buttons and LED indicators, the EXPAND 40 models make it easy to control your call experience. Users gain peace of mind about their call status and can clearly differentiate between mute and on call modes.

Simple to use

With plug and play technology, easy connection and one-touch access to Voice Assistant, the EXPAND 40 Series creates a pleasurable user experience. But simplicity goes way beyond the conference call. EPOS have designed this series to offer easy implementation for IT managers, too.

Certified for Microsoft Teams

The EPOS EXPAND 40T model is certified for Microsoft Teams. Users can benefit from Microsoft’s incredible collaboration technology and experience next level calls at the same time. Easy connection is made possible with one-touch access on the device.

Sleek, Scandinavian Design

EPOS have cleverly designed modern speakerphones that merge seamlessly with any office space. The devices are relatively small and compact, making them perfect for sitting on a desk and easy to carry on-the-go.

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SCC ensures that User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver – and we have partnered with EPOS to deliver market leading audio devices that are compatible with principal collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Together, we recognise the importance of replicating the office experience at home, requiring seamless audio and video delivered through high-quality audio hardware. We ensure our customers help your people remain, productive, connected, and collaborative from any device, anywhere, at any time.


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