SCC & EPOS: Upgrade Your Meeting Experience with EXPAND Vision 5

For organizations in need of a savvy tech set up to complement a small or medium-sized meeting room, EPOS has the answer. The EXPAND Vision 5 all-in-one video bar takes video conferencing to the next level. Combining speakers, a camera, a microphone, and compute, this device is the future of hybrid working tech. SCC and EPOS have partnered to deliver this all-in-one video bar, built using their flagship EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology. Designed to help the brain stay focused while in hybrid meetings, it’s time to supercharge productivity on either side of the video call.

What Is EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology?

Designed to enhance brain performance across audio & video calls and physical office spaces, EPOS’ BrainAdapt™ flagship technology is the key to hybrid working. Using EPOS’ BrainAdapt™ unique algorithms and acoustics to reduce the cognitive load on the brain, employees can stay focused, no matter where they’re tuning in from.

Unique Benefits and Features

Smart Camera Set-Up

The EXPAND Vision 5 features an incredible wide-angle 4K camera for a clear, professional picture. Picture framing powered by EPOS AI™ includes everyone in the shot whilst Sony sensor and electromechanical tilt promises optimal room coverage.

Unrivaled Audio Performance

Powerful speakers ensure every word is heard, whilst the beamforming microphone array helps to cancel out background noise and echoes for a super crisp audio. These future-forward solutions are designed for the brain with EPOS’ BrainAdapt™ technology.

No PC Needed

The EXPAND Vision 5 video bar performs without a PC, and is certified for Teams Rooms on Android, Zoom Rooms, and RingCentral Rooms.

Integrated Cable Management

To keep the meeting room clutter-free, EPOS has implemented a savvy cable management system. A Kensington lock even keeps the video bar in the optimum position.

Power Saving Mode

When the motion sensor can no longer detect movement in the meeting room, the device automatically goes into power saving mode.

Flexible Mounting Options

With a wall mount included, the video bar can attach to any wall or be placed on a desk in the meeting room, offering a simple and easy setup.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is renowned for its simplicity. EPOS has channeled this sought-after aesthetic into the EXPAND Vision 5, using premium materials for a polished and professional finish.

Two-Year Warranty & Lifetime Support

As well as a two-year warranty for peace of mind regarding the investment, there’s also exclusive access to EPOS’ knowledgeable support team.

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Upgrade To A One-Touch Display

EXPAND Vision 5 works seamlessly alongside the EXPAND Control meeting room tablet to create an effortless collaboration experience. Attendees can simply use the touch-screen on the control tablet to join meetings without a laptop.

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EPOS and SCC in partnership

Harnessing the power of audiovisual technology, the well-established partnership between SCC and EPOS is the cornerstone of collaboration and communication in business. Both unite to improve productivity and shape the future of hybrid working through stunning tech. Want to learn more about EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology? Reach out to our experts and find a top-class solution that enhances your team’s cognitive performance.

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