SCC & EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series: Protect Your Brain in the New Open Office

In the dynamic environment of an open office, it’s no secret that our brains are constantly challenged by external stimuli. That’s why SCC are partnering with audio-visual giants EPOS once more – to present the new IMPACT 1000 headset series.

Designed to help the brain focus on phone calls in a loud environment, their headsets are the perfect sidekick for the modern office.

The Audiovisual Solution For Open Plan Workspaces

The IMPACT 1000 headsets are well and truly built for the new open office. Thanks to EPOS’ BrainAdapt™ technology, both sides of your calls can stay on-task, enabling impactful dialogues without experiencing brain fatigue.

And thanks to various features such as adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™, your message is sure to get through.

Click here to watch the IMPACT 1000 video.

What Is EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology?

While the open plan office layout is great for creating a collaborative “buzz”, distraction can get in the way of focus time. With this in mind, EPOS draws on more than a decade of psychoacoustic research to present BrainAdapt™.

This technology creates an optimum audio and visual environment that provides the best condition for our brains to work productively – particularly in a shared space.

Combined with their industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™, IMPACT 1000 enables professionals to communicate effectively.

Benefits and Features

Minimise Brain Fatigue

Thanks to EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology. The hybrid-adaptive ANC effectively shuts down noise and helps your brain focus – even in busy open office environments.

Crystal-Clear Voice Pick-Up

Adaptive microphone technology and exceptional call quality powered by EPOS AI™ makes sure you’re getting your message through.

All-Day Comfort

Lightweight design, soft breathable cushions, and headband padding allow for all-day comfort.

Natural and Immersive Sound

Experience the ultimate open-office headset experience, with super wideband and stereo sound.

Intuitive To Use

The wireless charging stand and smart features make using this headset truly intuitive and hassle-free.

Chat With Colleagues Freely

Engage in spontaneous conversations with colleagues using the TalkThrough feature, without removing your headset.

Triple Wireless Connectivity

Stay connected to three devices simultaneously while moving around the office, thanks to the triple wireless connectivity of IMPACT 1000.

Let Others Know Your Call Status

The 360-degree busylight indicates your call status, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Microsoft Teams Certified

IMPACT 1000 is Microsoft Teams Certified, guaranteeing seamless integration with your communication platform of choice.

Convenient Carry Pouch

Carry the headset between work and your home office thanks to the travel pouch.




Why SCC and EPOS?

Using the power of audio, the collaboration between SCC and EPOS empowers customers to embrace the unique environment of an open plan office.

Both teams work closely together to deliver only the very best audiovisual solutions thanks to EPOS BrainAdapt™ and EPOS AI™, enabling professionals to stay productive and communicate effectively.

Wondering how EPOS’ cutting-edge technology can improve the performance of your business? Get in touch with our team of experts, and we’ll work together to find a solution that improves your team’s cognitive performance.

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