SCC and Microsoft: Improving Tech for Frontline Workers

In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare has faced some of its biggest challenges yet. So how do health organisations face up to the future, while improving current conditions and keeping costs down? The answer lies with Microsoft. SCC and Microsoft have partnered to present Microsoft Surface, one of the most forward-thinking technology solutions for the healthcare sector. By improving the way we connect digitally and doing more with less, we’re transforming the lives of both patients and staff – one device at a time.

Providing Frontline Healthcare Workers with a New Digital Toolkit

Arming your frontline staff with state-of-the-art technology is the best way of futureproofing their work, as well as helping them to get the job done. And depending on how you work as a team, there’s a Microsoft device to match the flexibility and performance you need. From the Surface Pro, right through to the Surface Pen, all devices can be connected to Microsoft Cloud for access to 365, Teams, Customer Service and much more.

Why Choose Microsoft Surface?

1. Transform In-Person Patient Care As the world transitions back to in-person care following the pandemic, the Surface devices are the best solution for staying one step ahead. Choose from certified accessories to suit both caregivers and patients, such as durable cases that are anti-microbial, ruggedised, and waterproof.

2. Allow for Paperless Self-Service Say goodbye to data entry errors. Patients can complete forms digitally using the 2-in-1 devices and Surface Pen.

3. Streamline Back-End Operations From faster onboarding to delivering training with all-in-one technology, the familiar Surface collection allows workers to deliver care quicker than ever before.

4. Empower Clinicians and Staff Teams can integrate multiple devices into fit-for-purpose tools, and the extended battery life means they always stay connected. In fact, 88% of workers using Surface devices are more collaborative, and 61% can complete daily business tasks even quicker, allowing for easier hybrid working.

5. Improve Engagement Between Healthcare Workers and Patients From the office through to the patient room, Microsoft Surface enables health workers to connect with patients in a more impactful way. By accessing their electronic data at record speed pre, during and post-consultation, the relationship between clinician and patient is vastly improved.

6. Protect Personal Information Chip-to-chip security secures both hospital and patient data, as well as device encryption and on-screen experiences. Both patients and caregivers can also enable biometric authentication to make logging on more secure than ever. Find out more about SCC and Microsoft’s partnership to deliver Surface products for frontline workers. Click here.

SCC and Microsoft

SCC has been partnering with Microsoft for over 30 years and is one of their highly regarded Gold Partners. Together, we deliver top-tier solutions to the business world, the education sector and more. This includes devices that give students the opportunity to get more from their education from virtually anywhere, such as Microsoft Surface products. If you would like more information then please email [email protected].

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