SCC and EPOS: Audio solutions for the legal industry

Clarity, security, and confidentiality are the foundation of interactions with customers and partners in the legal industry. In the new normal of remote working, selecting the right audio communications technology is critical to maintaining these whilst maximising the earning potential.

With remote working, bad audio really does cost business. In partnership with SCC, EPOS delivers a diverse range of communication technologies, including headsets, speakerphones and video conferencing solutions, optimised to boost productivity and performance in the legal sector, with EPOS Manager to control, support, and secure the UC environment.

EPOS Manager

EPOS Manager, the integrated cloud service, helps legal firms monitor, maintain, and manage EPOS audio assets for all end-users across the entire organisation, regardless of location.

  • Manage and update devices from anywhere – Remotely deploy and configure audio devices and get the latest firmware updates across locations to minimise downtime
  • Gain analysis and insight – Extract reports on device mix and headset usage to gain insights into the way your company works and how it can be improved
  • Complimentary with EPOS audio solutions – Choose between on premises or cloud-based freeware with unlimited software updates
  • Boost productivity – With user access to EPOS Connect that enhances call control through seamless connection of audio devices and softphones
  • Ensure high security and compatibility – Encrypted communication, no sensitive data storage and reliable compatibility with major operating systems and UC standards

The products

ADAPT Series: Concentrate anywhere

The ADAPT Series includes versatile headsets that provide excellent quality audio and are certified for Microsoft Teams. You can launch Microsoft Teams instantly from the dedicated button on your headset. The ADAPT Series offers great passive and ANC with thick, comfortable over-the-ear ear pads and ANC mode for instant focus. For remote work, the foldable design makes it easy to pack up and move on.

IMPACT Series: Your hybrid working companion

Getting used to hybrid working can be tough. But with the right audio tools and online video applications you can increase your billable hours. The IMPACT Series enables clear communication with EPOS Voice™ technology. The noise-cancelling microphone reduces any ambient sound and focuses on your voice.

EXPAND Series: Seamless Collaboration

Empower your meetings with the right collaboration tools. Hybrid and remote work are becoming the new normal and as a result, the demand for premium audio and video solutions that enable seamless global collaboration is at an all-time high. They offer freedom, connection, and collaboration with teams and clients all around the world. It’s a positive shift, but one that requires the right technology. Our meeting and conference solutions are designed with the hybrid workforce in mind keeping usability and flexibility at the forefront.
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EPOS and SCC in partnership

Technology has enabled this new of learning and working. SCC ensures that User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver – and has partnered with EPOS to deliver market leading audio devices that are compatible with principal collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Together, we recognise the importance of replicating the workplace experience at home, requiring seamless audio and video delivered through high-quality audio hardware. We ensure our legal customers cab remain, productive, connected, and collaborative from any device, anywhere, at any time. .

Stay professional as always with SCC and EPOS. Explore the range.

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