Revolutionise Healthcare Performance with HPE Aruba Networking UXI

Your Path to Uninterrupted Clinical Excellence

Healthcare’s Connectivity Concerns

Clinical and administrative staff often grapple with the frustration of lagging systems hindering their ability to provide prompt and efficient care, with their attention often diverted away from their clinical responsibilities – lost to tiresome calls regarding connectivity issues with the IT helpdesk.

In healthcare, where every second counts, the issue of unstable networks and poor mission critical application connectivity – such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) – is more than just an inconvenience; it is a major challenge that can jeopardise patient safety and well-being.

Addressing the Healthcare Connectivity Conundrum

By understanding and resolving the connectivity challenges that healthcare staff are likely to experience before they occur, healthcare organisations can expect:

  • High availability and performance of hospitals networks and their supporting clinical applications
  • An uninterrupted digital experience with a substantial reduction in operational disruptions and overall elevation in operational efficiencies
  • A meaningful enhancement in clinical healthcare provision
  • Significant financial savings to healthcare providers through minimised downtime
  • Introducing HPE Aruba Networking User Experience Insight (UXI)

HPE Aruba Networking UXI is a vendor-agnostic cloud-based service assurance solution that monitors the network and its associated applications (i.e. EHRs, PACS etc.) from a clinician’s perspective rather than through a traditional infrastructure approach. It continuously tests hospital networks and associated application performance within a healthcare organisation ensuring that:

  • High system availability and performance is maintained throughout the estate
  • Healthcare staff have a smooth and seamless digital experience with undisturbed clinical workflows
  • Demand for IT helpdesk troubleshooting is kept to a minimum
  • Concerns about network infrastructure dependencies are eliminated due to its vendor-agnostic nature

The Benefits of HPE Aruba Networking UXI

The HPE Aruba Networking UXI solution is comprised of an intuitive cloud hosted dashboard, hardware sensors, & agents for mobile clinical handheld devices. Think of UXI as an ‘always-on’ remote technician, tirelessly troubleshooting hospital network and application performance issues in real-time before they ever hinder the daily experiences of healthcare staff. It empowers IT teams to swiftly identify and resolve issues, ensuring uninterrupted healthcare delivery and operational efficiency resulting in:

  • Improvements in clinical efficiency with uninterrupted clinical workflows
  • Streamlined organisational operations with reduced disruptions to patient flow & IT staff
  • Financial savings from reduced downtime with enhanced operational efficiency & patient throughput
  • Elevated Regulatory and Reputational Appeal through the mitigation of reputational damage associated with system failures

Contact the SCC team today to find out more on our joint solution built on a long-standing relationship between SCC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Invest in uninterrupted excellence with HPE Aruba Networking UXI – your gateway to a future of unparalleled healthcare delivery.

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