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How the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1 is revolutionising remote working…

  One thing is certain about the future of work, and that’s that hybrid working is here to stay. With many organisations embracing the “new normal”, SCC are teaming up with audio tech giants EPOS to present their latest innovation, the EXPAND Vision 1 personal webcam. This best-in-class video solution is the final frontier of blended working. Designed to bridge the gap between home, the office and the conference room, the EXPAND Vision 1 webcam goes wherever you go. It undoubtedly integrates the world of remote work into everyday life with ease. A trifecta of visual, audio and sound technology, this portable webcam from EPOS ensures you look and sound professional – no matter where you are.

The Benefits – A digital visionary for your hybrid working setup.

High Definition Video Like You've Never Seen Before

The razor sharp 4k camera makes it easier than ever to look professional on a video call. Optimised based on light conditions, this is HD at its finest.

Say Goodbye to Background Noise

The two noise-cancelling, omni-directional microphones pick up the user’s voice better than ever, making it easy to be heard.

Instant Picture Control

The floating menu allows users to adjust the field of view, light, and colour.

Easy Setup From Just About Anywhere

Set up anywhere in seconds, thanks to an integrated mounting clip that fits on any monitor.

Approved by Leading Remote Work Solutions

Certified for leading solutions including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, this webcam provides a seamless user experience.

EPOS BrainAdapt™: Improving Focus During Meetings

Does your brain leave the meeting long before you do? You’re not the only one. In response to the onset of “Zoom fatigue” experienced during the pandemic, EPOS presents a series of brain-friendly solutions. Thanks to decades of psychoacoustic research through the Demant Group, EPOS has the data on how the brain performs best. The EXPAND Vision 1 webcam uses visuals, algorithms and acoustics to help the brain orient itself in conference calls – supporting a new future of blended working.

Key features

Guaranteed Privacy

Users need not worry whether their camera is switched off. With an easy-to-use integrated shutter, privacy is guaranteed.

Incredibly Portable

The compact design and protective carry case means this high-tech webcam can be transported and stored anywhere.

Streamlined Cable Management

The 90-degree angled plug guides the USB-C cable to avoid interference with other devices, making it ideal for smaller working spaces.

Extra Mounting Options

There’s also an option to mount the camera with a tripod.

Preset Fields Of View

In just one click, users can switch between four predefined fields of view: wide view, default, close-up, and macro.

Ongoing Technical Support

The webcam comes with a two-year warranty and direct access to the EPOS support team.
Learn more about SCC and EPOS partnership to deliver the EXPAND Vision 1 here.

Click here to discover more about the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1.

A Collaboration Between SCC and EPOS

Leading the way in creativity and innovation, SCC delivers customer success to all of its partners. EPOS and SCC work together to ensure that their values are complementary, and that they can deliver effective outcomes to all customers.


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