Protect with Aruba ESP Edge-To-Cloud Zero Trust Security


Network security challenges are growing. Users are more decentralised than ever, and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Traditional security approaches have become ineffective, and more thorough protection is needed.

Aruba ESP edge-to-cloud with Zero Trust Security is the answer. It improves network security by applying a much more rigorous set of practices and controls to previously trusted network resources. Be they devices, servers or network segments, Zero Trust assumes they are all hostile and treats them as such. That way you can detect, prevent, isolate and stop network breaches, before they even happen. Zero Trust Security has all sorts of tangible solutions. Aruba ClearPass Device Insight for example allows you to see everything on your network, from traditional tablets and laptops to the increasingly diverse set of IoT devices. Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager lets you centrally create role-based policies to allow teams to monitor and enforce how devices behave throughout a session, regardless of location or time-of-day.

The benefits of Aruba ESP include:

  • Visibility – Device discovery and profiling custom fingerprinting
  • Authentication – One role, one network AAA and Non-AAA Options
  • Role-Based Access Control – Context-based access and dynamic segmentation
  • Continous Monitoring – Real-time threat telemetry from Aruba Solutions and 150+ integrations
  • Enforcement and response – Attack response and event-triggered actions


Why SCC and Aruba?

Having recently been accredited as an Aruba Platinum partner, SCC are one of Aruba’s most skilled partners in the UK delivering end to end in house support and network management for customers. Our experience with Aruba scales from smaller education customer to large national organisations running national critical infrastructure. Get in touch today to hear how Aruba and SCC can you help you drive value from your network transformation.  

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