HP & Poly: Simplify Your Hybrid Setup

The Hybrid Work Hacks You Need – All In One Place.

Ever found that your teammates couldn’t hear you on a call, or asked what the noise was in the background? You’re certainly not alone.

Like us here at SCC, tech giants HP and audiovisual conferencing experts Poly understand the challenges of hybrid work.

That’s why the two have joined forces to create an ecosystem of solutions that simplify IT support – no matter your business size.

Why Is Your Business Better Together with HP and Poly?

One-Stop-Shop For Hybrid Working

Addressing all your hybrid work needs in one place enables you to match solutions to individual and organization needs – all while increasing buying power and reducing costs.

Optimised Collaboration

Access to Poly and HP’s audio and video innovations to create the most engaging and productive collaboration experiences.

Easy To Operate

Deep integration with leading hybrid work platform providers ensures worry-free interoperability and great user experiences. .

Security For Peace of Mind

Comprehensive management and security systems make deployment, troubleshooting, and protection easier than ever.

Expert Help For Hybrid Workers Worldwide

A globally-available services portfolio delivers the very best assistance for hybrid workers.

Good For Business and The Planet

Dedication to sustainability, combating climate change, and making technology more accessible means you can work smart, and protect the planet.

Maximum Productivity, Without Distractions.

Have you ever found yourself confined to your desk, unable to deliver your best? Cue Poly, the greatest innovators in audiovisual solutions.

Their range of speakers and microphones, including the cutting-edge Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds, have endless user and business benefits:

Prioritise Your Audio:
Utilizing advanced multiple-microphone Acoustic Fence technology, callers will only hear your voice during calls.

Block Out Background Noise:
Poly’s Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology in key products blocks out unwanted noise from the background, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand, or pay attention to others during collaborative sessions.

Work Across Multiple Platforms:
Poly is adapted to suit your precise job profile and work style, so you can work across multiple devices with ease. Connect with all major UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Customer Support You Can Rely On:
All products come with their Global Support and Warranty, meaning you’ll receive responsive customer care globally, and device replacement within 24 hours.

Freedom To Move Away From Your Desk:
Their Bluetooth Multipoint Technology, which connects simultaneously with two devices, allows you to move away from your workspace while brainstorming and presenting.

All Day Comfort:
Go all day without realizing you’re wearing the Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds, thanks to the 3-conical shape ear tips for maximum comfort.

A Hybrid Collaboration Between SCC, HP and Poly

As a global technological leader, HP and Poly are the ideal partners for SCC. Their unique combination of innovation and ease-of-use provides a seamless hybrid working environment, which is what we’re passionate about at SCC.

We are confident that you can make hybrid working work for you. Contact us today for a tailored offer that suits your business.

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