Experience complete freedom with PDF documents

PDF documents are commonly used in everyday business. Thanks to the fact they are designed to look and behave exactly the same on any device, they are often considered the perfect format for sharing. But when it comes to editing them, thats another matter. Although most office software and photo editors allow you to export documents in a PDF format, to edit them necessitates a dedicated tool. Adobe, which initially owned the PDF format, still owns some of the technologies associated with it, therefore to get the tools you need is going to cost. In addition to the ‘paperless’ offices that some organisations are driving towards, having the ability to electronically sign documents that are compliant is another element to the problem we are trying to fix.  

What’s the solution?

As we work with our customers through their digital transformation, we have frequently seen their frustrations when it comes to PDF documents. The vast majority need to deploy pdf editing and eSign more widely, but the high cost of their existing solutions are preventing them. However, there is a more cost-effective alternative. We work with a number of providers including the leading alternative to Adobe Acrobat which offers the same features of Acrobat at a price point that means customers can now both save money while also deploying more widely. Many may be reluctant to steer away from the more traditional Adobe, but replacement technologies come with a rich feature set, intuitive interface, and advanced security, enabling users to quickly and easily create, convert, edit, sign, review, and protect PDF documents. End users have all the advantages of Adobe, but at a price that is affordable, in some cases as much as 50% cheaper. Enabling strong customisation, reviewing, and security features with robust cloud integration with analytics to determine the real return on investment is all part of our solution.  

What are the benefits?

  • Feature parity to Acrobat (Standard & Pro) at well under half the price
  • It includes unlimited eSign at no additional cost; driving further license or per signature cost savings
  • Inclusive of Change Management – fully supported evaluation and transition, ensuring a smooth and timely change
  • Full analytics; understand how the solution is deployed and which features are (and aren’t) being used
  • Evaluation period offered to test and run a subset for some selected users to ensure the transition is smooth


Reducing printing by 40%

The price-point means that businesses can deploy more widely and still save money over their existing spend.Also, by giving PDF editing and eSign to people who don’t currently have it has been shown to reduce printing by up to 40% and save an average of 20 minutes per user/week.The analytics can be used to ensure adoption, manage the estate and drive further print reduction activity; and with no audits, as the trust-based relationship removes ongoing compliance and audit threat.

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