SCC & Scrive: Improve customer experience and compliance with eSign online

An online signing portal, often referred to as an electronic signature platform or e-signature solution, plays a significant role in modern business and IT management.


The importance of an online signing portal lies in its ability to streamline and digitise the document signing process, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, improved security and compliance, accessibility, environmental benefits, and competitive advantages. It is a critical tool for modern businesses and organisations seeking to modernise their operations and improve their overall workflow.

Send, sign and manage all your agreements in one simple online signing portal

  • Reduce admin time, eliminate manual tasks
  • Provide a premium customer experience
  • Intuitive tool, quick adoption
  • Visibility and control over your agreement processes
  • Shorten lead times and eliminate costly data errors
  SCC have partnered with Scrive who provide e-signature and e-ID solutions for small and midsize businesses, as well as enterprise organisations. The eSign online service offers a secure and fast way to sign and manage electronic documents. Scrive’s wealth of expertise and experience in digitalisation at scale is key to successful partnerships with some of Europe’s biggest brands.  

How does eSign work?

  • Upload your document to the Scrive signing portal
  • Set your workflow options with a rich toolkit of document preparation tools
  • Sign agreements on any device – wherever your customers, partners and employees are
  • Store and manage your signed documents in your Scrive E-archive, or auto-offboard them to your cloud storage of choice (GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more)

Watch the video and explore the Scrive portal 


How will this benefit our organisation?

  • Save time with templates for your standard agreements
  • Monitor every stage of the signing process – who has viewed your document, who has signed
  • Brand the service with your logo, colours and messaging
  • Add an extra layer of security with PIN by SMS and integrated eIDs to ensure only authorised people can access and sign your documents
  • Every signed document is protected against tampering with blockchain technology
  • Industry-leading evidence package attached to every document protects against legal challenges



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