EPOS and SCC: Remain Focused Throughout the Working Day with BrainAdapt™

Hybrid working has become the “new normal” in the workplace, which means we face never-before-seen challenges in communicating and collaborating.

And while we’ve opened up a whole new world of working, the most primitive part of our brain still struggles to keep up with the artificial sound produced by speakers. For many, it can quickly lead to loss of concentration, fatigue, stress, and in the worst-case scenario – burnout. Today, people need to find focus and clarity, wherever work happens. By giving your workforce the tools they need to do their best, you create a workplace that’s built for the future. That’s why SCC have partnered with EPOS. Based more than a decade of psychoacoustic research, EPOS designs audio solutions that provide the best conditions for the brain. EPOS headsets built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ support the brain’s natural way of processing sound. This means less fatigue and more focus for you and the people you are communicating with.

Your brain is not built for hybrid meetings. EPOS BrainAdapt™ is.

Did you know that while we hear with our ears, we listen with our brain? EPOS places this at the heart of their design blueprint – and is what’s known as their signature BrainAdapt™ technology. Nowadays, moving between online and in-person meetings means adapting to varying sound environments: from dialling into a call from home, to sitting in a bustling, open plan office. EPOS have discovered that while we cannot control how our brain perceives sound, we can create an optimum audio environment using state-of-the-art technology. Cue their state-of-the-art headsets. Their unique algorithms and acoustic engineering provide the best conditions for our brains, unleashing our full human potential in the workplace – all with less energy spent. Click to download the datasheet and learn more about the EPOS ADAPT 100, ADAPT 200 and ADAPT 300 Headsets

Benefits and Features

Increased Focus

For professionals, EPOS technology is key to better performance throughout the working day. Whether you’re in physical, virtual or hybrid meetings, stay on task for longer regardless of your working environment.

Better Cognitive Performance

We’ve all been there; in meeting after meeting when our brain decides to check out. But not with BrainAdapt™ – scientific studies show that the ADAPT 660 headphones increase the brain’s ability to recall information by up to 10%.

Improved Communication

Uplevel your hybrid meetings and be seen and heard as if your colleagues were in the same room. Not only does BrainAdapt™ improve the way you interact, it also means you and your team will use less energy processing unwanted noise, or trying to guess what’s been said. Less distraction, more clarity.

Less Mental Fatigue

Noise stresses your brain, causing it to become tired and distracted. However, the EPOS ADAPT 660 headphones have been proven to reduce the effort needed to listen by up to 35%. No more exhaustion after a long day in and out of meetings; switching to an EPOS headset is guaranteed to transform the WFH experience.

Click here to download the EPOS Solutions for Hybrid Work Factsheet

EPOS and SCC in partnership

Using the power of audio, the long-standing collaboration between SCC and EPOS empowers our customers to communicate more effectively. Both teams work closely together to deliver only the very best business outcomes, improving productivity using audio visual innovation. Wondering how EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology can improve the everyday performance of your organisation? Get in touch with our team of experts, and we’ll work together to find a solution that improves your team’s cognitive performance.

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