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Hybrid working is now the new norm. However, this complicates Microsoft Teams meetings efforts. Organisations need a simple solution to empower participation and collaboration whether in the office or at home.


Introducing the advanced virtual meeting solution simplifying hybrid working. SCC and EPOS have partnered to deliver the EXPAND Capture 5, a next-level intelligent speaker with transcription capabilities, created to reshape the future of Microsoft Teams meetings.

The future of virtual meetings

Complementing the collaboration potential of Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), this sleek speaker beautifully captures voices with a 7-beamforming microphone array for natural, effortless conversation. So, even working from different locations, it feels like all meeting attendees are in the same room.

Though there’s more than first meets the eye with the EXPAND Capture 5. This incredible device is installed with Cortana, providing touchless capability when starting or ending a call. And with advanced voice recognition and transcription available, it’s easier than ever to create an inclusive meeting experience. This means that everyone can be present and engage wholeheartedly in the conversation without wasting time taking notes.

With an attractive Scandinavian design made from premium materials, this fantastic speaker fits in any office space for optimal voice capture. The EXPAND Capture 5 is without a doubt a valuable companion for all businesses striving to simplify meeting experiences.


To see the EXPAND Capture 5 in action, please click here.

Key features and benefits

Seamless connection

The EXPAND Capture 5 works seamlessly with any MTR system on Windows, whether that’s HP, Dell, Logitech, or otherwise.

Advanced voice recognition

With the capability to recognise 10 distinct voices in small to medium sized meeting rooms, the handy speaker makes online calls completely effortless. This is achieved through Microsoft Teams Client which can determine who said what with easy voice recognition set-up. So, everybody can see the name, location, and photo of the speaker during a call.

Cortana voice assistance

For next-level ease of use, this futuristic speaker was designed with Cortana in mind. The clever voice assistant enables meeting attendees to start and end the meeting and add participants completely handsfree. This undeniably results in greater productivity.

LED indicators

Confusing call experiences can lead to unnecessary disruption which not only looks unprofessional but could tarnish an organisation’s reputation. Luckily, the EXPAND Capture 5 has clear LED indicators to distinguish between mute and active calls and indicate when Cortana is live.

Easy implementation

The speaker is extremely simple to operate for both IT managers and users. So, the device can quickly and easily be implemented into any working environment with zero hassle.

Click here to discover more about the Expand Capture 5

Why SCC and EPOS?

SCC and EPOS have partnered to deliver market leading audio devices that seamlessly integrate with today’s most-favoured collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

Since the pandemic, many teams are now operating on a hybrid working model and therefore need devices that work from anywhere, at any time. So, we’ve delivered incredible solutions that beautifully replicate the office environment whether at home or on the go. With a focus on creating a next-level User Experience (UX), the devices are guaranteed to make hybrid working easier whilst upping productivity, enhancing collaboration, and keeping your people connected.


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