IT departments struggle with their expanding role in business

A survey of IT decision-makers has revealed that 56% believe their departments are struggling to adapt to an expanding role; this includes both adopting innovation initiatives while keeping core systems running smoothly. With digital transformation rife, IT departments around the globe are being forced to do more with the same resources. According to Insight’s annual technology report, this period of change has seen business leaders throw IT at the problem with increasing roles and responsibilities. Insight UK managing director and EMEA vice president of marketing, Emma de Sousa, said, “Organisations have become acutely aware of the critical role technology now plays in overall business strategy, from enabling a more productive and connected workforce to increasing market share and customer loyalty,” says de Sousa. “The Insight Intelligent Technology Index signifies how competing demands on IT are inhibiting their ability to plan and innovate.” IT decision makers listed a number of reasons why they didn’t feel confident for success in digital transformation and the tasks allocated to their departments, with the most prominent being:

  • 79% stated competing demands and not enough resources to effectively support the organisation
  • 33% said they’d been requested to support innovation, despite existing processes, practices, and business operations not evolving to allow them to accomplish this
  • 30% reported there being a lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the organisation

  The 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index, which sets out to better understand the impact of rapid changes and advancements in technology on businesses, collects statistics and insights to help plan for the future. The research is based off a survey of 200 IT professionals within businesses from 1 to 1,000 employees. “The Index results suggest more businesses are putting an emphasis on managed services to get there,” said de Sousa. “If this happens, the look and feel of IT departments will change dramatically and businesses will start to see even greater IT-driven business outcomes.” At SCC, we can help enhance your IT offering, helping you to adopt innovation initiatives while still keeping core systems running smoothly. Click here now to find out more about our services

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