Is the IT department becoming disconnected during Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is now the norm for a majority of businesses, according to a new report by The Economist Intelligence Unit. From the 303 senior executives from around the world who were surveyed, 73% have had digital transformation initiatives in place for two years or longer. As well as this, 58% say they are achieving some or all of their goals. However, the report, From Gatekeeper to Enabler: the role of IT when digital transformation is the norm, also indicates that IT departments are not moving at the same speed as the rest of the business. In an unusual turn, 66% of respondents said they never or seldom involve their IT departments when acquiring IT systems and solutions as part of the transformation. Reasons for this shift in alliance could be to do with a difference in priorities. The report found that when it comes to new technologies for transformation initiatives, IT departments are more focused on integration with legacy systems and maintaining system resilience. Whereas, teams outside of IT are prioritising revenue growth and controlling costs. However, the report suggested that organisations with collaborative IT teams are much more confident about overcoming challenges and realising the benefits of digital transformation. Respondents from organisations with IT teams that work closely with others and see more collaboration in the future, are nearly three times more likely to be ‘extremely confident’about overcoming challenges. The paper concluded that IT functions needs to become a source of knowledge and expertise with emerging technologies. Only 17% of non-IT respondents said IT services should be outsourced, suggesting that the role is still relevant, but needs to focus on new areas. <!–SCC can help you with your digital transformation. Click here to see our IT services. –>

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