Are you leveraging the true potential of your collaboration solutions?

If we told you there was game-changing ROI hiding within your business, the meeting room might not be the first place you’d look. However, whether you’ve rolled out collaboration solutions through necessity, as a proof of concept, to facilitate hybrid work or to better engage with customers and partners, deployment is only half the battle. SCC Collaboration Solutions’s free health check can help you maximise your technology investments so you can achieve your business goals faster.

Ask yourself…

  • How often do your employees use the collaboration tools you currently have?
  • Do they know how to use them?
  • Are they aware of the features and benefits that could revolutionise the way they work?
  • And how much could you increase the value of your investment if they did?

If you’re unsure of the answer to any of these questions, we can help.

Think inside the meeting room.

Employees, like most of us, are creatures of habit; they opt for what’s familiar and frictionless in order to get their work done. And that’s unlikely to include the shiny new tools you’ve deployed without full appreciation of their benefits. As hybrid working becomes the norm, the laptop has transformed into a go-to collaboration hub for many users, often leaving the efficiency-enhancing and productivity-boosting potential of meeting room solutions out in the cold. There’s so much potential your people and your business are missing out on if that continues to be the case. But extracting value from your collaboration technology isn’t about delivering training. It’s about driving adoption. It takes insight, understanding and awareness to bring employees with you on a hybrid journey. To deliver those eureka moments that open their eyes to the possibilities of using room-based technology in addition to their own devices. The spark that transforms your ROI.

Unlock new ways to optimise your hybrid environment with SCC Collaboration Solutions.

Our free, high-level health check will not only determine where you are on your adoption journey but provide you with actionable steps to enhance the way you use the collaboration solutions within your business. We’ll assess your current adoption level and provide our recommendations for optimisation, helping you to understand the actions required to deliver genuine change. With these results in hand, you will then be invited to take part in a free, in-depth, Microsoft-funded adoption program designed to ensure your existing technology is working as hard as it can to help you achieve your unique business goals. Working together, we can help you to:

  • Relieve strain on your help desk by reducing user uncertainty and resistance to change.
  • Increase user satisfaction and retention and help them develop productivity-enhancing skills.
  • Simplify and speed up current and future adoptions by using a standardised best-practice approach.
  • Maximise return on investment and customer success.

A proven, people-driven process.

We help your people to understand how and why they should use technology, identify adoption blockers and provide best practice guidance for meetings to shape how your employees can work at their best together. Focusing on triggers, not training, we get to the root of your adoption challenges and provide a framework to help your business benefit from a collaboration culture shift. Based on the established Prosci® ADKAR® model of change management used by many Fortune 100 companies and government agencies around the world, our methodology promotes awareness of the need for meeting room solutions and fosters a desire within employees to support and participate in their use. By providing them with knowledge of the systems, the ability to demonstrate their skills and reinforcing good habits, we can help transform underused collaboration solutions into one of your company’s biggest assets.


Let SCC Collaboration Solutions help you increase the value of your existing technology.

As a technology partner, we’re not in the business of deploying tools and walking away. We understand that it’s in your best interest and ours to ensure the solutions you’ve invested in provide maximum value. Based on our proven Discover, Design, Supply, Manage and Optimise process, we leverage our extensive technical knowledge and broad solution portfolio as we work alongside you to help you achieve your business goals. Providing support as you explore, develop, plan and deploy intelligent collaboration solutions across every step of your journey, we offer a personal service tailored to your needs and focused on your desired business outcomes.  

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