A Better Way of Working Together Whitepaper

While we have certainly got better at it, there are still real issues with the way we connect, communicate and collaborate. We have email, SMS, instant messaging, and multiple voice and video conferencing systems. We can use all these tools on our PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Yet we are still not communicating in a really efficient and seamless way. We are losing a lot of time and wasting a lot of energy. There are better ways for us to communicate and collaborate. But how do we get from where we are now to where we want or need to be? How do we shake off the old ways of working and enable more creative, inspiring environments and ecosystems that work for both the individual and for the organisation? In the A Better Way of Working Together Whitepaper, we look at the current state of communications and collaboration within the changing landscape of IT and the context of digital transformation. We explain why – in our view – all organisations need to have a clear strategy and plan for the adoption of modern collaboration technologies.

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