8 Reasons Why Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services for Multi-cloud

Multi-Cloud Data Services, enabled by Faction provides scalable, resilient, cost effective cloud-attached storage with simultaneous multi-cloud access – Ideal for securely moving or deploying demanding applications in the cloud for disaster recovery, analytics and more. You are freed from system management, while gaining the benefits of trusted Dell EMC storage in the public cloud. Optimise cost, while maintaining control of your data.

1. Scalability without Complexity

Multi-Cloud Data Services allows you to quickly scale storage as needed, independently of cloud compute. Choose the right storage type and scale to match your data needs. Block storage capacities scale to 11 PB. PowerScale can scale beyond 50 PB and is ideal for running dynamic multi-cloud high-performance workloads.

2. Multi-cloud Agility with Zero Data Gravity

Data has gravity. It takes significant time, resources and money to move it between clouds. Start innovating in the cloud and easily scale your environments to maximise business outcomes with Multi-Cloud Data Services. It offers flexible access to a single volume enabling you to leverage compute from multiple clouds simultaneously and/or switch between them based on application needs without ever having to move the actual data – that’s zero data gravity!

3. No Cloud Vendor Lock-in

Public clouds can create vendor lock-in and high switching costs. By keeping data on external storage independent of the cloud, Multi-Cloud Data Services allow you to maintain control over your data. You are free to only use compute in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud when you need it without worrying about data migration risk or high egress charges.

4. Native Replication between On-premises and the Cloud

A unique feature of Multi-Cloud Services is the ability to leverage native array-based replication, making the movement of data from On-Premises to your public clouds simple and secure using proven and familiar tools

5. Fully Managed Service – Networking and Storage

As a fully managed service, Multi-Cloud Data Services takes care of procuring, installing, operating and maintaining both the storage and the networking connectivity to the public cloud providers so you can focus on your application and data protection outcomes. Multi-Cloud Data Services provides a user portal for managing storage capacity and I/O performanceallocation to, and between, cloud providers.

6. Offsite, Air Gapped, Data Vault for Cyber Resiliency with Multi-Cloud Recovery

Organisations are looking to locate data off-premises, both for additional protection against threats and to reduce the infrastructure required to recover in case of an event. Multi-Cloud Data Serivces offers the ability to implement an off-premises air gapped data vault for either unstructured data using PowerScale and the Superna Eyeglass software or enterprise data using PowerProtect DD and the CyberSense software. In both cases the solution software is hosted in Multi-Cloud Data Services, which also enables recovering applications to one or more public clouds.

7. No Secondary Data Center to Manage

Secondary data centers are expensive to set up and maintain. You’re paying for real-estate, power, cooling, network, storage and people to manage it all. Relieve the burden of these significant overhead costs with Multi-Cloud Data Services, by leveraging Faction cloud as your secondary site in a simple, subscription-based pricing model.

8. Low Latency Connection to Public Clouds

Get to the cloud faster and experience high application performance through a high-speed, low latency direct connection to public clouds via proprietary network connectivity, with speeds up to 200Gbps and 1.2ms latency. And remember, Microsoft Azure connections and Oracle Cloud enjoy zero egress fees  

SCC and Dell Technologies Partnership

SCC has been working in partnership with Dell Technologies for over ten years; and because of this longstanding relationship, we have achieved Titanium Black partner status. This level is invite-only and highlights SCC’s European wide strategic importance to Dell EMC’s goals as a business. To find out more contact [email protected].


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