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We have are proud to announce our new IoT Podcast series where we will be interviewing multiple guests across the IoT supply-chain.

Episode 1: Internet of Things Introduction
Hear us torture one of our IoT engineers Arjun Puri in a series of questions relating to the upcoming episodes.
Hosts: Tyrran Ferguson – Head of AI/IoT, Gary de Bruin – AI/IoT Technologist

Episode 2: IoT Hardware – The devices which create data
Arm Holdings develop low power-usage chip architectures which work well with IoT. Security is built in from the lower-abstraction layers of chip architecture to software. Arm Pelion is an IoT platform that orchestrates Connectivity, Device Management & Data Management.
Guest: Duncan Jones from Arm Technologies, Senior Product Manager

Episode 3: Connectivity – How the devices speak to the cloud
Semtech developed the LoRa LPWAN protocol for IoT. The LoRa Alliance is an association which promotes the applications of LoRa along with the LoRaWAN standard. The open source community of developers help improve LoRa M2M security at 3 layers: Specification, Implementation & Deployment.
Guest: Olivier Seller from Semtech, Technical Fellow

Episode 4: Cloud – Creating strategies from the device data
Watson IoT is a multiple service solution which assists with enterprise scalability, security & cognitive capabilities all in the cloud. IBM developed MQTT messaging as a light-weight & bandwith efficient protocol for connecting devices to the cloud. Containerisation and deployment orchestration such as Kubernetes both provide an ideal foundation for hybrid-cloud strategies.
Guest: Andrew Foster from IBM, Watson IoT Program Director

Episode 5: Dashboards – Consuming the data in a human-friendly manner
Net4 utilise low-code rapid deployment solutions which assist with increasing customer expectations within IoT. Low-code does not mean low-security as these platforms are very secure. This dashboard framework alleviates the struggle of multiple IoT data protocols and frameworks saturating the market.
Guest: Alex Taylor from Net4, CEO

Episode 6: Artificial Intelligence – Getting the most out of all the IoT data
IoT generates large quantities of data (Big Data) which becomes fertile-ground for applying AI techniques. Getting past the hype of AI to see the value and simple application of it. Where the market currently views AI.
Guest: Andy Feltham from Filament AI, VP of Innovation

Click here to listen to the podcasts.

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