Growing Employee Experience Expectations

There is a growing movement across the UK towards transforming workplace productivity. With the influx of younger generations into growing workforces, the need to digitise processes is vital to engage employees, and maximise revenue. 60% of the UK workforce will be millennials by 2025, the refinement of a digital workplace is all the more important as to cater to the technological needs of the future generations. Across all industries, there is a demand for technological innovation from a range of both internal and external stakeholders. Employees are increasingly expectant of flexible and cooperative work environments. The days of clunky technology and inefficient practice being acceptable for employees are gone. With younger generations entering the workplace, it is imperative that businesses focus on preparing to stay on top of the latest workplace evolution. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the changing expectations of employees and how SCC MPDS can assist businesses to evolve their workplace.

“Improving efficiency, flexibility and transparency are fundamental ways to optimise the employee experience.”

A changing workplace Document management is crucial for any business, with the large majority of organisations (78%: Quocirca Global Print 2025 Report) reporting that they are currently reliant on paper. The cost of relying on paper is significant for both internal budgets and the environment. What’s more, many paper-based processes can hamper the speed and efficiency of employees. A key focus in tackling this inefficiency is trying to minimise the burden ageing technology and processes can have on employee productivity. Innovating and digitising processes around your workforce is vital to increase revenue, however, the benefits it can have on day-to-day operations for employees could be even more significant. Helping your employees maximise efficiency through affordable innovation and future-proof solutions can only be beneficial. By 2025, there is predicted to be a 30% (Quocirca Global Print 2025 Report) reduction in mid-size organisation’s reliance on paper documents. SCC MPDS can assist with the leap towards a digital workplace. Many organisations are recognising the importance of increasing efficiency and productivity through digitisation. Innovations often result in improved revenue and employee satisfaction. Increase in Remote Working By implementing remote working, organisations often benefit from a boost in productivity as well their employees enjoying a new sense of autonomy. Remote working can give employees the freedom to create their own ideal working environment, which often proves to be a more effective way for them to complete their tasks and perform at their best. For instance, employees feel as though they have far more control over their work, leading to improved productivity. Remote working encourages a more collaborative culture within the workplace by focussing on sharing information more easily. Therefore, technology will play a big part in boosting efficiency as well as maintaining high morale amongst team members. Ultimately, any changes to a workplace are often judged by the reception from employees: improving efficiency, flexibility and transparency are fundamental ways to optimise the employee experience. Simply being able to access business information across many different devices helps to create better collaboration across remote teams and individuals. Workflow Automation For employees, efficient processes that align and integrate with existing systems will always prove popular. A focus on digitising and automating as much of an individual’s workflow as possible is vital to engage younger generations and ensure a future-proof, competitive edge over competitors. Automation is a modern development that is key to a businesses’ success, be it in day-to-day operations or during periods of concentrated growth. The flexibility of cloud technology allows organisations to scale networks and their user base without any issues, and save money in the process. In the future, advanced processing and machine intelligence will provide revolutionary changes in efficiency and workplace dynamics. Organisations are developing an unprecedented ability to handle mundane and simple tasks through automation. It is more than just a short-term competitive advantage: it’s an effective way to ensure employee satisfaction for decades to come. By removing simplistic tasks such as data monitoring and/or data entry, organisations allow their employees to best use their talents and provide the most value to their team. As a result, the largest benefits for employees will be seen in the organisations that adopt and implement effective large-scale workflow automation early. Workflow Automation Employee experience is now a key consideration in purchasing decisions. Not only do employees now demand more from the tech they use, they also require more flexibility in how they work. Future proofing your business with smart, informed purchasing decisions will ensure that increases in productivity and output can be achieved. Digital transformation needn’t be a complicated or arduous process. One of the best places to start is by redefining your organisational culture with processes that reshape how your employees work. At SCC MPDS, we’ve expanded our range of solutions, across Managed Print, Digital Process and Communication, to prioritise the user experience and deliver digital innovation to companies across the UK. To find out how SCC MPDS can provide cutting-edge solutions to assist your digital transformation and meet your employees’ expectations, reach out today to speak to a SCC MPDS expert.

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