Done right – Implementing Solutions

Successfully implementing new solutions within your organisation is rarely simple. There are often structural and physical changes that must take place in order to ensure that your new solutions yield maximum ROI. Navigating this process can seem like a minefield, as Finish Line found out in 2016 when poor implementation cost $32 million in lost sales – amounting to 8% of yearly revenue. That’s why we’ve outlined three considerations for implementing new solutions. Identify your Implementation Team Change is always a challenge in any environment, but when it impacts on day-to-day tasks, you will encounter roadblocks along the way. Some people will be keen to jump on board whilst others will hide away. Choose a team which comprises of ‘Champions’ who will drive the implementation plan, and gain buy-in whilst sharing the company vision. They should challenge the status quo, and work with teams to discuss how the new solution will benefit them and feedback any improvements or suggestions. Consider the Culture Changes in organisational culture do not happen overnight, so it is important to put measures in place that allow your employees to get up to speed with the new solution. This may involve providing your staff with the learning and training facilities they need in order to get started, as well as making sure they understand why the new solution is beneficial to them and the company as a whole. SCC Document Services work with employees to ‘upskill’, enabling them to become experts in using the new solutions. Skilled staff can pass on their knowledge to new employees when they join, creating a foundation for future development and improvement. Minimise Disruption Implementing new solutions without adequate preparation can lead to significant disruptions and downtime. To prevent this, it’s important to undertake a full audit of your current infrastructure to understand how you can harness the useful aspects of your existing systems for the long-term, and map out the best implementation plan for your new solution. By adapting elements of your legacy hardware and software, you will not only maintain a level of familiarity for your employees, but you will ensure a smooth transition to your new solution and deliver maximum value. SCC Document Services At SCC Document Services our goal is to ensure that all new solution implementations run as smoothly as possible. By understanding the unique challenges that our customers face, we can develop best-in-class solutions that are relevant to your company. Your company’s development should not be about spending enormous amounts on bleeding edge solutions. It’s about finding the best solution for your business. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your company to progress, please visit our solutions page.
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