The relationship between companies and customers is changing. A new generation of tech savvy, time limited consumers demand instant interaction using modern technology.

As a result, the role of the contact centre is also changing, with customers spending less time face-to-face or even talking on the telephone, instead preferring digital interactions at the touch of button. Well before COVID-19, consumer habits were already changing. The proliferation of mobile in our personal and professional lives meant expectations were increasing – in many cases faster than companies were able to keep pace. As technology continues to evolve – and with the entire global population now adept at using technology remotely – companies must adapt quickly to meet an ever-complex demand. As explained by RingCentral in its recent blog, ‘Key Improvements for Modern Contact Centres’, “More intelligent, connected tools are essential to future success.”

Embracing remote working

Despite changes happening well before COVID-19, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote working. For some companies with no previous plans to enable such flexibility, sustained productivity has been a welcome surprise. It has become apparent that remote agents are a valuable commodity and remote working creates happier agents, with a more realistic work/life balance improving culture and reducing staff turnover. The challenge is to adequately equip remote agents with the technology and training they need to do their job efficiently, from wherever they are. Those who have invested in services from industry leaders such as RingCentral have replicated and even improved the quality of work by remote agents.

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Investing in technology

Preparing for the future isn’t just about empowering your people. You must also recognise the value of supplemental solutions like AI enhancements. Cloud communications are essential for remote contact centres, they enable seamless communication from any location, on any device. Cloud technologies also offer more scalability and features to grow with organisations’ changing needs. Scalability is especially important during periods of recovery. Consumers also demand more choice in how they communicate with companies. Sometimes it’s much easier – or more appropriate – to leave a message or use instant chat than to spend time on the phone. That’s why the contact centre of the future must feature artificial intelligence, virtual assistants and automation as well as traditional email and phone.

RingCentral Contact Centre

RingCentral Contact Centre enhances customer support. It enables immediate, helpful service for customers every time by delivering a more powerful solution that is built around simplicity and ease of use. RingCentral Contact Centre connects customers with the right agents to solve their problems the first time, no matter where they are, optimises agent schedules to minimise downtime and prevent long hold times for customers, and improves sales and service with real-time reports, agent monitoring, and in-depth customer surveys.

Key features


With omnichannel capabilities supporting all digital channels, you can provide customer service where it matters most to your customers.

Intelligent routing

Resolve issues faster by getting customers to the right agent the first time for faster resolution.


Do more with less effort through automation. Let customers help themselves and use virtual assistants to manage up to 70% of interactions.


Dialling enables your organisation to reach out to your customers or prospects. Scaling up requires intelligent management of your lists and dialling strategies.

Workforce management and optimisation

Two-thirds of the cost of running a contact centre is labour and agent support, and now you can get the most out of your investment with workforce optimisation tools.

Supervisor tools

Better manage your contact centre performance with tools to monitor individual performance for coaching and feedback.

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RingCentral and SCC in partnership

As companies look for specialist support in enabling the contact centre of the future and evaluating their business continuity strategies,  SCC has created a new strategic alliance with RingCentral, extending SCC’s market-leading product portfolio with RingCentral’s best-in-class UCaaS and CCaaS solutions. RingCentral Contact Centre, delivered in partnership with SCC, is an ideal solution for organisations that need to increase customer satisfaction and improve agent performance in the new normal.


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