SCC and RingCentral: Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams

From November 2019 to November 2020, the number of Microsoft Teams users grew from 20 million to 115 million.

The challenge – are you getting everything you need from your investment in Office 365?

— The fact that Teams is Microsoft’s fastest-growing business application of all time is no surprise. Today, nearly 260 million people around the world use Office 365, and Teams is included for “free”. This bundling allows businesses to easily adopt Teams and implement it into their workflows. While Teams includes several collaboration essentials, such as messaging and video conferencing, its telephony capability is less advanced, despite enterprise businesses still requiring a robust, reliable, and more developed telephony solution. This presents some critical issues, with calling still one of the most popular communication tools used by businesses globally. Businesses that want to optimise their investment with Office 365 while using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, including reliable, feature rich telephony with global reach, can now do so in combination with RingCentral’s cloud communications solution.

The solution

For enterprises looking to augment their Microsoft Teams telephony with third-party solutions – evaluating and selecting the correct product, platform, and vendor is vital. RingCentral’s Direct Routing integration provides global calling functionality and enables users to get more done with an industry-leading cloud PBX integrated into Teams, keeping Teams at the centre of the collaboration experience. It allows customers to combine Teams collaboration tools with cloud PBX, delivering a native, feature-rich PBX experience, elevating workplace collaboration for everyone. With RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams, all communication and collaboration essentials live in the Teams platform. This saves enterprises time and money, enables an industry-leading enterprise PBX with an expansive global footprint, and simplifies the user experience for teams everywhere. RingCentral’s relentless passion to innovate has made them the #1 cloud communications provider worldwide, and they have also been a Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader for 6 years in a row. With Carrier-grade reliability, 99.999% SLA and enterprise-grade quality of service, RingCentral is the leading choice for organisations worldwide.

The benefits

Intuitive teams experience

Since the RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams integrates natively into Teams, users can enjoy the same Teams interface they’ve been using with no additional downloads, bots, or plugins. Users get the best of both Teams and RingCentral platforms in one, improving productivity and making adoption simple since no retraining is required.

Any device, anywhere

All of your users can communicate with each other as well as outside of the company on a single communication platform, regardless of whether they are Teams users, customers, or partners. Users can communicate and collaborate using any device on mobile, desktop, or web and manage their communication preferences through our intuitive user portal.

Centralised management

Admins can centrally manage their organisation’s entire user base, including employees that are Microsoft Teams members, from one intuitive interface. This integration also supports Single Sign-on, so Teams users are automatically authenticated and connected to their RingCentral communications account when they log in to Teams.

Robust analytics

Get valuable insights into your calls in Teams to identify key trends across employees, teams, and the company. Make impactful changes using real-time data to drive business decisions, set up automated alerts, and create targeted report with simple and configurable out-of-the-box KPIs and metrics.

Out-of-the-box business application integrations

It offers users flexibility via our native integrations with a wide set of commonly used business apps. Spend less time switching between apps by making and receiving calls directly in your favourite productivity apps. Attach call log information and link to call recordings in your favourite CRM.

Enterprise-grade telephony

With seven layers of enterprise-grade security and geo-redundant data centres located all around the world, RingCentral’s industry leading availability ensures reliable HD audio, wherever work finds you. Carrier-grade reliability, 99.999% SLA and enterprise-grade quality of service makes RingCentral the leading choice for organisations worldwide.
Why SCC and RingCentral? There is no better time to think about how your business will support a growing remote and flexible work culture. That’s why SCC has created a new strategic alliance with RingCentral, extending SCC’s market-leading product portfolio with RingCentral’s best-in-class solutions. RingCentral’s Unified communications solutions offer messaging, video, and phone to streamline collaboration and drive employee productivity across the board. With everything in a single platform, employees can switch between messaging and video calling, for example, with just a click. Unlike with separate apps, there’s no need to toggle from one to another.   Get in touch

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