7 ways HR teams are driving success through collaboration

HR is an integral part of any business and an efficient department ensures everything runs smoothly. And as the HR heroes amongst us know (yes, that’s you!), as an organisation grows fluid communication and collaboration are essential for success, whether you’re reinforcing your company’s culture, sourcing the best talent or managing issues professionally. In the modern office, teams are often disparate, making your job of providing support more important than ever. Below are some ways to keep things running smoothly through the power of collaboration: 1. Learning at your own pace Staff training can be difficult to coordinate, especially if employees don’t all work from the same office. Creating a video library of easy to find training materials means people can access content in their own time and re-watch things whenever they need a quick refresher. Your own time is freed up dramatically because there are fewer repeated training sessions, which means more energy to focus on proactive employee development and team building. 2. Efficient interviewing Interviewing people is costly and time consuming. Recruiting the best candidate for a role can mean putting the call out to a global market. Video interviews enable you to recruit faster from further afield with a much more efficient process whilst still getting a strong sense of what candidates are like when compared to a standard phone interview. 3. Planning ahead Implementing new policies and procedures can take months of preparation. It’s important that relevant stakeholders and teams are made aware of what’s new and that they actually follow through on what they’re being asked to do. Collaborating throughout this process with engaging video meetings saves times, ensures strong adoption and delivers smooth change management wherever teams are located in the world. 4. Flexibility for everyone Many companies offer remote working for employees which is great for productivity, but it can make team building a little more difficult. 87% of remote workers say video conferencing allows them to feel more connected to their colleagues and helps bridge the gap until their next visit to the office. 5. Not so remote HR teams themselves can often be in another office, or can even be an external agency altogether. Being accessible at all times with Polycom’s easy to use visual communications ensures employees feel well supported by you and your team, even if they can’t arrange a face-to-face meeting at that very moment. 6. Creating company culture Polycom’s collaboration solutions can really help bring a team together and create an exceptional company culture regardless of where employees are physically based. Engaging meetings are part of this and virtual meeting room solutions make sharing and editing content together easier, create stronger team unity and keep projects moving forward. Another trend is the growing popularity of town hall meetings and short video briefings that are shared with people to watch at a time that suits them. These ensure everyone understands and connects with the company’s vision, especially in these fast moving times. 7. Discreetly resolving issues Handling grievances can be difficult, especially those of a sensitive nature. Providing employees with the option to confidentially video call about the issue remotely can eliminate awkward situations such as other employees spotting the complainant in meetings with HR or those in the office overhearing. For more information on our AV Services please click here.
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