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SCC, Europe’s biggest independent IT solutions provider, is supporting a key UK NHS Foundation Trust through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic by donating an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that will free beds and improve patient healthcare at home.

In line with the Government’s latest release ‘COVID-19: ethical framework for adult social care’, which emphasises how we all need to pull together to support the COVID-19 crisis, SCC is delivering assistive technology to the Midlands-based Foundation Trust that goes ‘significantly beyond falls pendants’.

The ground-breaking AI solution collects data on key markers of activities of daily living, using sensors and wearable technology connected to a 4G or WiFi enabled home hub. This data is collected and analysed data without support staff having to do anything, building a picture of what is normal for each individual patient, presenting this information in a simple dashboard. If an individual goes outside their own ‘normal’ – due to factors including hydration, mobility, nutrition, independence or general wellbeing – it is flagged on the dashboard.

With access to this AI solution for the first time, the NHS Foundation Trust can discharge more patients to home by providing 24/7 monitoring of wellbeing, free up domiciliary care capacity through remote 24/7 risk management and reduce ‘normal’ hospital demand by facilitating preventative care, resulting in more people being cared for at home.

By enabling remote monitoring of patients, promoting social distancing, and reducing pressure on hospitals, SCC hopes its AI solution can support the NHS Foundation Trust protect the most vulnerable and maximise resource for the best possible response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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