Forensic cyber security collects, processes, analyses, and presents digital evidence in support of network vulnerability mitigation.

From exclusive data sources to non-traditional collection mechanisms, we can provide the most powerful adversary investigation and attribution system ever created to ensure your networks and infrastructures remain secure.

Your Challenges

Ensuring Security – As an organisation starts on its digital transformation journey, ensuring security around data management is critically important. Often budgets to ensure data management best practice lag behind other departments, while legacy enterprises are ill equipped to deal with modern cyber threats.

Awareness of Threats – The introduction of new technologies often means organisations are unaware of new and unique cyber threat levels.

GDPR – Despite the introduction of GDPR, most enterprises still lack a culture of security.

Risks and Compliance – Often customers and suppliers are unaware of the risks as well as the compliance measures that are needed to mitigate cyber security threats.

Our Solutions

  • Data Audit Trails – Advanced adversary tracking by email, IP, phone, and postal address.
  • Access – Exclusive access to account information and login IPs from over 400 domain registrars and dynamic DNS providers.
  • Granularity – The world’s most granular IP Geolocation data < 1 Meter.
  • Private Sinkhole – Domain take downs with an option to direct to your own private sinkhole. Also, active and passive sinkhole data with real time updates.
  • Geo Browsing – Global social media geo browsing and tracking over any epoch from real time to years in the past.

How we do things

Our forensic cyber security solution gives analysts, researchers, and investigators the tools to be much more effective at their jobs, and vastly increases the accuracy of their findings. Even the most sophisticated law enforcement agencies are unable to achieve the level of granularity that our system can provide.

We can connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical indicators of compromise faster than ever before. It helps you research millions of malware samples and their corresponding network traffic and can help bring invaluable insights into your existing security efforts.

Business Benefits

  • Identify the true identity of the security threat and your adversary.

  • Gain valuable insights for law enforcement to act upon.

  • Take cyber security on the offensive.

  • Protect your organisation’s reputation.

  • Ensure compliance against any liabilities.


  • CollaborationWith our trusted partnerships programme, we take a collaborative, highly specialised approach with forensic cyber security.

  • Adversary InvestigationWe can provide you with the most powerful adversary investigation and attribution system ever created.

  • InnovationWe are dedicated to innovation, with the capability of helping you to implement a secure environment ensuring data security compliance aligned with business goals. As the digital revolution unfolds, we are at the forefront of forensic cyber security solutions helping you feel more secure to exchange, interact, store and analyse your data.

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