IBM FlashSystem 5045

Building cyber resilience for even the smallest of businesses

The threat of cyber-attacks looms larger than ever before. No organisation, regardless of its data storage size, is immune to aggressive hacking tactics.

Even with the most solid defences, there’s always the risk that malware can compromise your data. Attackers target both primary data and your backup copies, making recovery increasingly difficult.

But there’s hope yet, even for newly fledged organisations.

The Storage FlashSystem 5045 from IBM is the solution for small to midsize businesses in need of simple, flexible data storage that can be restored following a cyber-attack – without damaging their balance sheet.

Easy to set up, use and grow at the same rate as your business, this really is the future of small-yet-secure data storage.

All the high-end capabilities, at the right price point.

Safeguarded Copy

Protect your data from cyberattacks with immutable, isolated copies that can’t be altered, encrypted, or deleted. Swift recovery is assured in the event of a cyber attack.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add multiple layers of authentication before authorising any IBM system.

Two-Person Integrity

Grant administrators the power to require two independent users for critical functions such as deletion, encryption or copying of data. Perfect for businesses looking to up their security.

Role-Based Access Control

Gain an extra layer of protection and allow a number of authorised users access to specific data on your FlashSystem.

The IBM Storage FlashSystem 5045 makes it simple to…

Integrate New Features

Migrate data with fully integrated system management, application-aware data services and high-value features such as AES encryption, deduplication and compression.

Enable Multi-Cloud Solutions

Driven by software, it’s easy to migrate to and from supported cloud providers with the 5045 FlashSystem.

Orchestrate Your Team

Automate tasks for developers, and avoid risk and uncertainty from everyone doing things their own way.

Acquire The Right Capacity

Make purchasing bulk capacity and hoping you use it efficiently a thing of the past. Thanks to IBM Storage Insights, you only pay for the capacity you consume.

Scale Up Or Down

Up or downsize the system to suit your business needs. Evolve as your business requires with easy-to-use, amazingly quick IBM Storage FlashSystem entry-level storage.

Get The Support You Need

IBM’s Expert Care makes support a simple choice. What level of support do you need, and for how many years?

Data storage designed for budget conscious organisations.

Protecting against cyber-attacks calls for a multi-layered approach. That’s why combining FlashSystem’s capabilities with other measures can help you to provide the optimal protection to your business’s data at the right price.

For a limited time, take advantage of a 15% price reduction on select IBM FlashSystem list prices.

SCC & IBM: securing your data now, and into the future

With a partnership spanning 40 years, SCC is the UK’s first IBM Platinum Business Partner. Together, we’re passionate about helping businesses amplify operations whilst keeping their security watertight.

Ready to identify any gaps in your security protocol? Then consider taking a no-cost IBM Cyber Resiliency Assessment.

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