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The task of smoothing data pathways and improving patient experiences across healthcare belongs to organisations in all corners of the healthcare ecosystem

From ageing populations with increasingly complex needs to questionable approaches to reform and budget allocation, the healthcare sector has rarely been short of challenges in recent times. It currently faces arguably one of its greatest ever battles in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, an opportunity to genuinely transform by fixing areas of weakness in the system and creating a more sustainable model for the future is perhaps being created in the wake of COVID-19.

For many in healthcare, the holy grail still remains a united healthcare system, exemplified by a complete patient record that’s shared and integrated across the multiple agencies touching the patient. A system based around a single version of the truth, where meaningful data insights can be harnessed and interpreted, can facilitate more proactive, preventative and cost-effective treatments earlier in the patient pathway.

What our customers say


The cornerstone of the relationship between UHNM and SCC is that of valuable and trusted advice. With their vendor agnostic stance, SCC has independently recommended technology solutions and services that we have subsequently implemented and utilised effectively and efficiently. We will continue to engage with SCC, obtaining their input into our future strategy, to ensure we continue to realise the full value of our IT investment. 

Mark Bostock
IM & T Director,
University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust


We had a vision to provide greater care to our patients through the use of electronic prescribing of medications, and this was to be fully implemented in the new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. This may sound relatively straight forward, however the technical complexity required to achieve it was extensive, coupled with a “last minute” decision to change the way the system was delivered. SCC worked closely with us as at both an advisory and implementation level to ensure that the new solution met our current and future needs, in the limited timescale available. We have a long standing relationship with SCC and the success of this project further reinforced that.  

Nigel Gammage
IT Delivery Manager,
NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Your challenges

Improve collaboration between currently siloed organisations, enabling better communication and clinical workflows.

Manage the impact of an ageing population presenting with more complex conditions.


Provide and evidence better standards of care, to attract and protect services, money and patients.

Better secure data to protect the organisation and in turn be confident in how it is used.


Smooth the patient pathway, improving patient experience and satisfaction.

Skills shortages across the organisation.


Drive care further into the community and provide more preventative care services.

Future proof investments and services becoming more competitive.


Our key Healthcare solutions

Flexible working options, better patient education to enable self-service and harnessing AI and automation to help with remote consultation service offerings can all play a role in enabling the shift to a more proactive and preventative model of care.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
Support flexible device options for working at any location and deliver modern environments.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)
Deploying DVaaS simplifies the purchasing, management and refresh strategy of an organisation’s devices.

Workplace Transformation Consultancy
Our consultants engage with our customers to develop solutions which map closely to desired business outcomes.

Audio Visual Solutions
Providing reliable audiovisual platforms that supports collaboration across all devices and locations.

Application Lifecycle Services
Ensuring all application and operating system refreshes aren’t overlooked as IT infrastructures are upgraded.

Key benefits

  • Scale as required and only pay for what they need
  • Enable new ways of working
  • Access applications faster and easier
  • Streamline application deployment
  • Keep software consistent across all devices
  • Free up IT resource for higher-value activities
  • Drive cost savings with a new revenue model
  • Improve collaboration between

A single view of the patient, through the collation and integration of paper and digital sources that supports the Department of Health and Social Care’s Paperless Agenda, allows healthcare organisations to take advantage of innovations such as data analytics, and make more informed, personalised decisions tailored to a patient’s requirements.

Our Document Services equip organisations with innovative digital document management solutions that support more integrated, agile ways of working. Paper-based patient and medical records can be scanned and added to electronic records and management systems.

Key benefits

  • Predict and control expenditure
  • Create a single, integrated view of patients
  • Deliver the DHSC’s Paperless Agenda
  • Share medical records across organisations quickly and easily
  • Increase information accessibility for staff and patients alike
  • Enhance protection and security of sensitive data

Healthcare organisations are struggling to meet the ever increasing requirements of patients and communities, and so need to identify approaches which can streamline clinical workflows, enable better collaboration, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. To make this possible, organisations need to address the siloes of technology, data and people, and have more flexibility in how they digitise and interrogate data.

Our Clinical Imaging Solutions digitise data across a range of different formats, enabling greater insight, accessibility and collaboration around that data. These intelligent applications and the inherent machine learning within these systems can support improved diagnosis and treatment accuracy, and relieve some of the pressure put on clinicians by high case volumes and increased process complexity.

Key benefits

  • Reduce workloads and associated risks
  • Transform the working environment and retain key staff
  • Standardise data for easier interoperability
  • Improve patient experiences through better data availability
  • Cut costs by phasing out legacy applications
  • Boost collaboration between trusts or agencies
  • Enhance data interrogation to improve clinical outcomes

Healthcare organisations need to change how care is delivered to patients to drive efficiencies and create cost savings which can then be reinvested. We provide a range of technical services and facilities to ensure organisations get a hybrid cloud solution perfectly suited to their needs.

Data Centres
We operate three Tier-3 data centres in the UK.

Managed services that encompass a complete cloud enablement suite.

Cloud Environments
We offer Cloud+, our own private cloud environment, as well as the secure, UK government-accredited Sentinel.

Hyperscale Partnerships
Our strong relationships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services expand the breadth of our offering.

Network Operations Centres
We support 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management from bases in the UK, Romania and Vietnam.

We work with organisations to determine their ideal solution, based on our extensive public sector experience. 

Key benefits

  • Transition customers to the new services quickly and securely
  • Increase future agility and scalability of the IT environment
  • Enable and accelerate effective workload provisioning
  • Improve cost visibility through consumption-based reporting

Securing patient and staff data has never been more important. With an ongoing onslaught of high-profile data breaches and changes to data protection regulations, healthcare organisations are under pressure to protect their IT infrastructures and medical information. Our Security solutions equip medical professionals with secure access to a fully compliant IT infrastructure that protects data, applications, devices and the network from both internal and external security breaches.

We work with leading industry manufacturers to offer next generation firewalls that incorporate intrusion prevention, sandboxing, web filtering, email filtering, SSL inspection and anti-malware. Additionally, we provide a full Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service that delivers a complete view of visible and ‘invisible’ threats to your entire organisation.

Key benefits

  • Inspire confidence in clinicians that they are dealing with complete, correct data
  • Protect the reputation and productivity of the organisation
  • Cut the cost of security monitoring and risk assurance
  • Enable a proactive approach to cyber security
  • Support ongoing compliance strategies

Over recent years, the NHS has been subject to funding cuts and workforce shortages, whilst coping with additional demand from an ageing population predicted to increase in numbers by 25% between now and 2036. This pressure is placing unsustainable demands on existing health and social care services, leading to a requirement for healthcare methods to become proactive.

Our Predictive Analytics can enable healthcare organisations to monitor and manage the health of current and at-risk patients remotely and identify potential health issues before they become more serious and expensive to treat. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions provide organisations with an effective way to manage increasing workloads more efficiently, and address patients’ potential declines in health and overall well being, through the development of optimised care plans and earlier intervention.

Key benefits

  • Monitor patient health proactively and remotely
  • Create a ‘data portrait’ of an individual, their activities and potential health risks
  • Predict trends and diagnose conditions faster and more accurately
  • Re-design and optimise care pathways across regions

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Smoothing the data pathway, improving patient experience.

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