Demystifying NHS23 – Unlocking the Power of Microsoft 365 for the NHS

Date & Time

Thursday, July 27, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Virtual Event


Demystifying NHS23 – Unlocking the Power of Microsoft 365 for the NHS

On 27th July we hosted an informative webinar that empowered NHS organisations to optimise their utilisation of Microsoft 365 through the newly formed NHS23 agreement.

What was discussed?

NHS23 Agreement Overview: Understand the newly introduced NHS23 agreement by NHS England, its objectives, eligibility criteria, security capabilities and financial savings.s
NHS23 Licensing and Inclusions: Learn about the comprehensive range of services, security and applications included in NHS23 licensing tailored for the needs of NHS organisations.
Challenges and Implications: Address common concerns and considerations associated with transitioning to the NHS23 agreement and discuss effective strategies to overcome challenges.
Maximising Value, Cost Savings & Security: Explore ways to unlock the true value of NHS23 licensing capabilities and maximize cost savings by leveraging Microsoft 365 and it’s security features included.
Support and Free Trial Program: Discover the support provided by SCC in the decision-making process and learn how to start a free Microsoft funded security engagement to trial & experience the benefits of the E5 Security Suite first-hand!

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