Recycling Sustainability Calculator

Sustainability is under the spotlight more than ever before for organisations across both public and private sectors.

As climate change becomes an increasingly important global issue, businesses and public bodies are expected to reduce emissions, cut energy use, maximise recycling and minimise waste as much as they can. Even in areas where they may not be required to do so by law, there is a heavy moral and social expectation to do so.

So that organisations can meet these expectations efficiently and cost-effectively, SCC has developed Recyclea. This suite of recycling services is based on the wealth of knowledge and expertise we possess in business and public-sector IT. 

Run from our highly-accredited UK Operations Centre in Birmingham, Recyclea is designed to help you optimise asset value and lifespan, take steps towards becoming a more sustainable or even net zero business, and meet compliance needs around data security and CSR.

The SCC Recyclea Calculator

Want to get an idea of just how much impact you could make by using our recycling services? Why not try our SCC Recyclea Calculator? Simply input the number and type of assets you are looking to reuse or recycle and we can give you an estimate of CO2 reduction and energy saved, showing how SCC Recyclea can help your reach your sustainability goals.

Projected volumes

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