The Most Advanced Platform for Security, Efficiency and Performance has Arrived!

OracleOracle’s SPARC M7 and SPARC M7-based system is more than chips and server chassis – it’s a complete platform; hardware, software and developer tool; with unparalleled features, software-in-silicon capabilities include security, SQL and capacity features.

Sparc M7 security in silicon delivers hardware-assisted encryption and silicon-secured memory to deliver fast end-to-end encryption PLUS protection against attackers accessing data in memory without any impact on performance.

You can have all this coupled with a vast improvement to the hardware on the SPARC T7 series, including the doubling of processor cores, the 4-fold increase in cache per core, the doubling of memory bandwidth, and the tripling in IO bandwidth.

SPARC M7 SQL in-silicon features include in-memory analytics acceleration by using data analytics accelerator (DAX) engines and make the new SPARC M7-based systems superior platforms for running Oracle Database 12c In-Memory. Examples of 10- and 83-times performance improvement for Oracle Database 12c In-Memory running SQL through the DAX engines on SPARC M7-based systems.

SPARC M7 capacity in silicon dramatically reduces memory utilization. Capacity in silicon includes inline decompression that enables aggressive data compression and high-performance data access.

With the SPARC M7 hardware, Oracle is “delivering the most efficient and the best integration with Oracle software. And we’re delivering incredible performance.”

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