SCC and Samsung Rugged Range: Easy to use, hard to break

In the tough, competitive world of business, employees need devices that offer a mix of high performance and the best protection from challenging conditions, whatever their job or industry.

Delivered in partnership with SCC, Samsung offers a range of rugged devices, designed to withstand the most challenging work environments. They offer peace of mind and the reliability workers have come to expect from Samsung, together with a whole host of innovative features and the familiarity of a consumer device—slim, lightweight and with an edge-to-edge screen that make them the best of both worlds.

Rugged yet agile

Samsung’s range of Galaxy Rugged phones and tablets have been specifically designed to perform in the most challenging work environments. With MIL-STD 810 and IP68 certification, they’re built to withstand shocks and are water and dust resistant.

Plus, their displays have increased touch sensitivity, so they can be operated in harsh conditions, even with gloved hands. Their rugged nature combines with the familiar features of a consumer device—slim, lightweight and with a large edge-to-edge display to bring you the best of both worlds.

Hard at work

Samsung’s Galaxy Rugged devices are made for the people who build our homes, patrol our streets and make those crucial deliveries. They have been designed with frontline features such as professional barcode scanners for real time data capture and fast-charging replaceable batteries—enabling users in the field to focus on their tasks for longer. Galaxy rugged devices deliver the digital transformational benefits that frontline employees have been sorely lacking because their previous mobile technology did not meet the demands of tough everyday jobs.

Fit for professionals

Maximise your productivity without the need for multiple devices. Programmable hot keys allow quick access to your most critical apps in a single press, while the mPOS feature enables seamless payments across the retail customer journey. And for transport and logistics, the Augmented Reality feature brings a whole new dimension to deliveries and collections.

Maximum security

Samsung Galaxy Rugged devices have been built to protect users from potential cyber-attacks and online crime. Samsung Knox defence-grade security is built into the hardware and software of all Galaxy Rugged devices to protect your most sensitive data from malware and malicious attacks. And biometric face and fingerprint authentication ensures you are the only person who can unlock your device.

Going rugged

Whether your employees operate on a construction site or the shop floor, there’s one thing businesses need regardless of their environment: reliability. Standard devices aren’t designed to handle the rigours of these settings and are likely to break quickly due to anything from drops and spills, to dust and dirt. Meanwhile, rugged devices are specifically built to ensure your employees won’t be let down by their tools when it matters most. And no matter how rugged devices evolve, that core principle will always drive their design.

  • Ultimate
  • Slick design
  • Long battery life
  • Touch sensitivity
  • High-resolution display
  • Maximum value

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Samsung Galaxy XCover 5: The most compact rugged device yet


With a larger screen, longer-lasting battery and bigger memory, the new Galaxy XCover 5 is ready for business on the front line. The compact smartphone is built to perform in harsh work environments, so it won’t let your people down – no matter where they’re working.

 IP68 water and dust resistant – Built to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Anti-Shock MIL-STD 810G certification – Military-grade protection for your phone.

Bigger in-built memory – 4GB+64GB memory gives you more space as standard.

Long-lasting battery – 3000mAh battery can keep you going longer.

Simple device management – Secure, deploy and manage your rugged mobile fleet straight out of the box.

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