SCC and IBM – Shifting from Cyber security to Cyber Resilience

Cyber-attacks not only cause detrimental damage to businesses, but significantly drain their finances and could ruin their reputation. Their immediate response to such attacks will ultimately determine their future success.

It’s 2022. The online world is tasked with exceedingly clever cyber-attacks, designed to control, disable, or permanently destroy computing infrastructure and important data. Businesses need top-notch storage solutions to ensure they’re safe when – not if – these inevitable threats should occur.

In partnership with SCC, IBM offers multiple storage solutions to not only detect attacks but protect valuable data and get businesses back on their feet.

FlashSystem Cyber Vault

IBM’s FlashSystem Cyber Vault is a clever solution designed to speed up the overall detection and recovery of cyber-attacks. It works in conjunction with IBM’s Safeguarded Copy software, the quick and easy snapshot solution for data recovery. FlashSystem essentially monitors every snapshot of data, scanning for early signs of corruption and malicious patterns. Because all data is stored inside the FlashSystem, it cuts the all-important recovery time from days to a matter of hours.

Features and Benefits:

  • Isolated, immutable data.
  • Regular monitoring with IBM Security QRadar.
  • Extensive snapshot testing.
  • Rapid recovery.

Learn more about SCC’s partnership with IBM to deliver storage solutions for enhanced cyber resiliency

Cyber Resiliency Assessment:

IBM recognises many businesses need immediate support where cyber resiliency is concerned. Referencing the National Institute of Science and Technology Cyber Resiliency Framework, the Cyber Resiliency Assessment aims to evaluate the client’s current state and identify critical gaps. IBM’s dedicated team then provides a detailed assessment report and a customised roadmap of improvements to strengthen a business’ cyber resiliency moving forward.

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Safeguarded Copy

With the facility to store isolated, immutable copy, IBM’s Safeguarded Copy software gives businesses the confidence that their most crucial data is well protected. This solution is integrated within IBM’s stellar Security QRadar and built for use with FlashSystem Cyber Vault.

So, in the event of ransomware or a nasty cyber-attack, data can be recovered quickly and efficiently thanks to regularly captured, protected data snapshots. With unique privileges for admins of production data and safeguarded copies, security is heightened even further within businesses. Therefore, accidental errors or purposeful, malicious actions by staff members are impossible.

Spectrum Virtualise

IBM’s Spectrum Virtualise software works seamlessly across on-prem and public cloud platforms. Boasting next-level capabilities that are not currently available with cloud-native solutions, this software is here to reinvent storage for businesses worldwide.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Reduced storage and costs with thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression.
  • Immutable copies of data (IBM Safeguarded Copy) for faster recovery from cyber-attacks.
  • Integration with SIEM for quicker detections of threats and attacks, resulting in faster recovery.

Spectrum Protect Plus

Evidence has proven that there is little protection for emails, calendars, documents, and shared folders in Microsoft 365. Hence, businesses are certainly at risk. IBM’s Spectrum Protect Plus works in harmony with Microsoft 365 to provide next-level data protection, backup and recovery for SaaS applications.

Welcome to the SCC IBM Engagement Centre

The SCC and IBM Engagement Centre is a handy portal for all businesses, designed for easy navigation and ease-of-use. Businesses can explore our comprehensive range of innovative solutions built upon IBM technologies. The unique centre showcases different rooms, taking you through a journey of discovery, design, supply, management and optimisation for tailor made offerings. No matter what the solution a business is looking for, we’re confident we can deliver the best possible outcomes.

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