New report finds businesses unprepared for the death of Windows 7

Businesses have ‘a long way to go ’to be ready in time for the death of Windows 7, according to a new report by IT firm Kollective. The report, ‘365 Days until The Death of Windows 7’, uncovered some major findings, including that 43% of enterprises still have machines running Windows 7. This raises concern as Microsoft will officially end support for its nine-year-old operating system and stop providing security patches on January 14th 2020. More than a quarter of businesses (29%) are reported to be barely a third of the way through the migration process, despite having a four-year warning. While many are better prepared for the end of Windows 7 than they were for the end of Windows XP – with just 33% of the largest organisations still running Windows 7 – the move to the new Windows 10 operating system does come with some concerns. One of these is the introduction of ‘as a service’ updates. Windows as a Service means added work, testing and roll outs for IT managers, who must update their operating systems far more regularly. The white paper found that 46% of IT professionals do not have a formal plan in place to manage Windows as a Service updates. At SCC, we smooth the transition to Windows 10, helping you every step of the way. Click here to find out more.  

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