Enabling whiteboard collaboration for the hybrid workplace

The hybrid workplace is here to stay, bringing with it new challenges and obstacles to overcome. A big question many businesses now face is how to support remote teams and enable collaboration to continue uninterrupted.

The challenge

For dispersed teams, collaboration requires technology solutions. Webcams, conference cameras, and cloud video platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams enable people to meet face-to-face, wherever they happen to be. However, effective collaboration requires other tools beyond video conferencing. Whiteboarding is one of those tools. However, whiteboards are generally used only when people meet in person. Analysts have noted that remote employees miss the ability to take advantage of whiteboarding for easy, impromptu collaboration. Whiteboards don’t have to disappear in a hybrid workplace. So, how do you take analogue content like hand-written scribbles and transform them into legible digital artifacts that can be shared as content with others in the video call? How do you make it easy for your end users to use while they are in the room without interrupting their workflow? And how do you make this solution tie seamlessly into your other device management tools such that you can deploy, provision, and manage like any other part of your video solution strategy?

The solution

Logitech Scribe is a purpose-built whiteboard camera designed to work seamlessly with several popular video conferencing services. It makes traditional whiteboard content viewable and accessible to video conferencing participants who are not in the conference room. Designed for whiteboard sharing in the modern workplace, Logitech Scribe broadcasts content on dry erase boards into video meetings with outstanding clarity. Now, even remote participants can have the best seat at the table. With a clean wall-mounted design and thoughtful cable management, Scribe installs elegantly and out of the way of meeting collaboration. Together with the whiteboard content camera, Scribe includes a wireless share button, mounting components, power supply, and category cables for deployment at scale.  

The benefits

  • Simplicity – With one touch, Scribe automatically launches the content into the meeting.
  • Powered by AI – Scribe leverages AI technology to correct for angles, enhance colour, and remove the person creating the content, putting the content front and centre.
  • Modern design – The mounting arm for Scribe is a modern white with tapered edges – easily complementing contemporary conference room aesthetics. It also has clean, enterprise-ready cable management with several wire routing options, including one that completely hides the cable.
  • Logitech Sync – Scribe can be managed with Sync, the same online management portal you use for your other Logitech video conferencing solutions.
  • Integration – Scribe integrates with leading video conferencing room solutions, including Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.

SCC and Logitech

The working environment will stay fluid and unpredictable, with widespread homeworking lifted slowly, and at different rates in different locations. During this transition, organisations will provide guidelines that encourage employees to minimise contact with each other if they can avoid it. What was a highly co-located workforce before 2020 will become a constantly changing mix of in-office and remote workers. This will put new demands on IT teams. Together with Logitech, SCC can help you meet these demands and adapt as necessary, as the situation continues to evolve, and videoconferencing replaces teleconferencing and physical meetings as the default way to stay connected.

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