Device as a Service (DVaaS) for Apple

SCC has developed the ultimate ‘out of the box’ experience for Apple devices. Device as a Service (DVaaS) combines Apple products with SCC’s best in class supply chain services and buying solutions. SCC can give customers a fully transparent cost per device, per month, with no end of term penalty fees*.

As an Apple Authorised Reseller, SCC have brought together Apple products with SCC’s unique supply chain and deployment services to provide customers with an out-of-the-box experience that makes the supply of technology easier than ever and reduces time to use.

SCC’s DVaaS programme, challenges the more traditional view of purchasing IT and associated devices by giving a 3rd option outside of the normal Capex v OpEx. *Subject to terms of contract

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Fully Transparent and Flexible Alternative

This fully transparent and flexible alternative to the norm ensures that as a customer you have complete peace of mind you are sourcing the perfect Apple solution that covers all your business needs, with a finite cost per device, per month for your desired term.

24-36 Months Warranty

With SCC and Apple, all products include warranty cover for 24-36 months, ensuring hardware and software is protected for one simple monthly fee.

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iPad Air iPad Air.With the breakthrough Apple M1 chip, it effortlessly runs built-in productivity apps and popular business apps like Office 365, Google Workspace and Workday. It securely connects to your business and teams wherever you are with blazing-fast 5G and Wi-Fi, and supports the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Why SCC and Apple?

The most productive devices are the ones that people love to use. With iPad and iPhone employees work more simply and collaborate with shared purpose. Secure and intuitive devices with access to hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store your employees will stay connected and get more done. With Apple Business Manager and SCCs Supply Chain Services organisations can access scalable, bespoke solutions with Apple devices tailored to your business and delivered using SCCs ultimate out-of-the-box experience. Together with Apple, SCC can deliver a pre-configured iPad or iPhone, ready to work with features designed for business. Available to you on either a traditional Capex or dynamic Opex refresh options.

SCC Payment Solutions:

SCC understands the importance of getting the full value out of all technology investments and works with its customers to deliver solutions on a managed refresh basis. Both hardware and deployment services are available for a recurring monthly fee, agreed upfront, and a residual value applied to lower the total cost.

• SCC Supply Chain Services ‘Gold’ option includes:

• Asset tagging

• SIM card installation

• Power on testing

• MDM device enrolment

• Automated download of business/user applications

• Screen protection

• External phone case with installation

• MI reporting on serial, asset tag, SIM number, mobile number and IMEI

SCC’s Supply Chain Services are truly scalable and can be made bespoke to your specific needs if our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages don’t meet your exact needs.

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